Does this sound like a hdd problem to you?

  The Dazza 21:25 24 Aug 2005

Since installing a 2nd hdd in my pc I have mysteriously started getting problems booting up. When I press the 'on' button I get the usual Asus K8VSE Deluxe splash scren with the usual 'press del to run setup' and 'press tab to display post' messages and the screen just freezes. I had to reboot 5 times and on the 6th attempt the screen came up but continued to boot afterwards. I then got the message 'MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION'. Rebooted and the splash screen froze again. On 3rd reboot used last know good config & booted ok. My system boots from the original HDD and only have media on my newly installed disk (music etc). I'm guessing my newly installed 2nd hdd is screwed! what's your opinion? Thanks

  User-312386 21:30 24 Aug 2005

did you format the HDD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:30 24 Aug 2005

Unplug IDE and power cables from 2nd drive and retry to prove.

But is usually a memory problem.

Check BIOS settings for 2nd drive.

  woodchip 21:30 24 Aug 2005

Your PSU may be under powerd or on the way out

  VoG II 21:36 24 Aug 2005

Power supply as woodchip said click here

  The Dazza 21:52 24 Aug 2005

just before I started getting this problem i remember getting a message saying something like "overclcoking failed". I haven't tried overclocking it and this is a machine I built myself. What's up?

  dexstar 01:32 25 Aug 2005

reset your cmos, then load bios defaults to clear the overclocking failed.
Ignore it, the k8vsedx rev1 have dodgy bios chips (believe me I know!)

  The Dazza 07:43 25 Aug 2005

i have just loaded bios defaults, so I will see how it gets on now. Thanks

  The Dazza 17:56 26 Aug 2005

I removed the 2nd hdd and had no problems since!

  The Dazza 17:57 26 Aug 2005

I removed the 2nd hdd and had no problems since!

  The Dazza 17:58 26 Aug 2005

..hadn't posted!

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