does someone have acer 3000/5000 recovery cds?

  OzzYMad 22:52 17 Sep 2007

Hi.. maybe someone already seen my posts Im trying to recover my laptop(acer aspire 3000) and Im facing troubles cuz I dont have one of the disks, I have the 3 recovery disks but I havent got the first bootable system disk which will let me recover the system, if someone got the disk and would like to help me.. maybe uploading it or sharing on a torrent ?
I tried to find it on web but did not get any answer .. and acer support is rubbish I tried to contact them and get no answers at all...
thanks in advance for any help..

ps : I tried to open the images myself, as I know the 3 recover disks contain norton ghost image I maked norton ghost bootable cd and when I tried to open the imagens it asked me a password, and the 6 zeros, acer default password for erecovery, doesnt works, it seems the files are protected, so I may need the first bootable cd ...
why do I want to recover? because it contains the windows xp home OEM which came with my laptop and its original so Ill be able to manage updates via windows update, and Im totally against piracy.

thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  OzzYMad 22:55 17 Sep 2007

one more consideration : yes, I know all the stuff about the ALT + F10 on startup, but I've changed the hard disk thats why I cant manage erecovery, cuz I have the pqservice partition no more, my only way to recover my system to it defaults is using the 3 cd's recovery set, thats why I need urgent the bootable system cd... an .iso image is gonna help me to sort it out

  acefox 14:29 20 Sep 2007

Well i have a similar problem, i miss my Disc 3 of the Recovery discs, but i have the bootable CD that enable the use of the next 3 image cds
So, what can we do?, this is my messenger [email protected], please add me so we can interchange the cd's, what do you think? i give you the bootable and you give me the third!

  woodchip 14:49 20 Sep 2007

If you removed the Recovery Partition, and the old drive is dead. You may as well throw the Recovery disc's in the Bin as they are now no good to you

  woodchip 14:53 20 Sep 2007

If you still have the old Working Hard Drive, Refit it then use Acronis True Image to create a Image of all the drive to DVD's. You can then fit the New drive and restore the entire Image that you created.

Unless you have two other drives, then you fit one as Slave and copy to that drive.

  OzzYMad 19:34 20 Sep 2007

Hi dude I think we can help to each other, I give u an image of disk 3 and u give me an image of first system bootable CD, I've sent u email and added u to messenger ...

  OzzYMad 19:35 20 Sep 2007

hi dude thanks for answering.. I havent got the old drive =/ but now I think Ill sort my problem out with the help of acefox we can exchange the images via some website, ftp or whatver... and burn the cds...
thanks anyway :)

  tullie 20:02 20 Sep 2007

As Woodchip says,recovery discs no good on new drive,and someone elses discs wont help,at least i dont think so.

  OzzYMad 20:24 20 Sep 2007

well Ill give it a try I need only bootable system cd and he need the last disk of the recover image maybe it works...
Im not sure but I wrote e-mail to acer they said me if I have the complete disk set I'm able to recover it on a new hard drive..

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