Does PCA have a logo icon?

  Snrub 00:09 28 Jan 2011

On my computer I only get an explorer logo for the PCA website. Does PCA have its own logo icon and if so why doesn't it show up?

  lotvic 00:21 28 Jan 2011

Not sure what you mean, can you take a screenshot of what you get and post link?

  ashdav 00:32 28 Jan 2011

Think he means the logo to the left side of the address bar in the browser.
It's ok for me with Firefox.

  MAJ 00:34 28 Jan 2011

I think you're talking about a "Favicon", a little icon to the left of the HTTP in the address bar. Yes PCA does have one, but Internet Explorer has always had problems with showing them correctly or consistantly. Try using Firefox, see if it appears for you.

  lotvic 00:37 28 Jan 2011

this is mine click here

  lotvic 00:39 28 Jan 2011

Ah, the "Favicon", why didn't I think of that...
also must learn to refresh page before posting ;@

  Snrub 01:06 28 Jan 2011

Hi guys yes the 'Favicon' although I didn't know it had a specific word for it. I can see it in lotvic link but still can't load it in explorer, there must be a way?
I find them usefull cos I have a long line of Favicons in my Favourites toolbar just showing the Favicon without the website description so I can just click a Favicon when I browse.

  BRYNIT 08:52 28 Jan 2011

As other have said for some reason the PCA Icon has problems with IE.

You could assign an icon to PCA on your favourites bar by right clicking on PCA, selecting properties/change icon and select one of the icons available. You could also create your own icon. You should find a lot of info on the web on how to create an icon.

With IE 7/8 I just have it as one of my homepage tabs it opens automatically with IE and save search along the favourites.

  GaT7 11:41 28 Jan 2011

Can I ask what type of monitor you use & your OS as well?

Sorry, this is not connected to the topic being discussed. G

  lotvic 12:39 28 Jan 2011

I have a mixture, thanks for your interest.
Nothing posh, just a Dell, at present using XPmce or W7 etc. depends on which HDD I have got connected (not dual boot - never been keen on that)

  GaT7 13:00 28 Jan 2011

I noticed the text in your screenshot looked a bit fine & broken(?), hence my query.

If that was your XP PC & you're using a TFT monitor, have you considered enabling ClearType (CT) click here? You may need the ClearType PowerToy utility click here for the best results.

If it was your Win7 PC, then click here.

See the difference in this screenshot click here - mine is on the right with CT enabled. G

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