Does a laptop need surge protector

  oddgeezer 13:20 06 May 2007

New to laptops. When plugged into the mains, does a laptop need a surge protector? The cable has an AC to 19v DC adapter does this do away with the need?



  Belatucadrus 13:28 06 May 2007

I'd use a surge protector if you're going to leave it plugged in just because the PSU on a laptop is eternal rather than the internal one used by a desktop doesn't give it any additional protection from surges and spikes.

  Graham. 15:10 06 May 2007

If the PSU is eternal, it should last for ever.

  setecio 15:57 06 May 2007

I've noticed I get the odd spark when unplugging or connecting the laptop PSU, so I always unplug it at the laptop end first!

  Belatucadrus 16:00 06 May 2007

OK eXternal, spellchucker never did substitute for brain while proof reading, apologies for turning mine off.

  Graham. 16:40 06 May 2007

And my apologies for being an unwitting proof reader. These things spring into view, I have no control over it.

  oddgeezer 21:20 06 May 2007

So the oblong AC to DC thingy must be the I mean eXternal PSU. Kinda makes sense when you think about it - but I didn't.

Ta much!

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