Does it matter which way up you install extra RAM

  TommyRed 21:41 30 Mar 2003

I know which way to put the slot, but when I've put it in the screen is a mass of letters and numbers. Could it just be a faulty piece?

  MAJ 21:46 30 Mar 2003

Sounds like it could be, TommyRed, or else it's incompatible with what's already in there. Put the largest module in the first slot, next largest in the next slot and so on.

  EggandPeas 21:47 30 Mar 2003

there's only one way you can put in DDR.

Don't leave empty banks in between ram modules. don't mix different types of ram. Largest capacity RAM module goes in bank one and second largest capacity in second bank... and so on.

If you're getting jumbled up grabage on your screen, could be your memory is faulty, or not sitting properly.

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