Does it get better than MSN Video conferencing?

  YinHoNg 00:11 31 Dec 2005

Hi. I've recently acquired a MSI StarCam 370i 1.3Mp webcam and i'm using MSN to video conference with my mates. Although the quality is much better than when i naively tried it with my 56k connection, i kinda expected a much smoother session with my now 2Mbps connection.

Can this be put down to the software i.e. MSN Messenger, or is this just a limitation of my current hardware and/or the current technology.......

If there is better software available, can someone recommend to me the best freeware available that does the job well?

  007al 00:21 31 Dec 2005

Do you mean your cam is not very clear at the other end,orwhat you can see from who you are talking to is not very good?

  Chegs ®™ 02:19 31 Dec 2005

I seem to recall that MSN uses a crap resolution(320x summat)by default,can you not increase the resolution to at least 640x480 and see if the image quality improves.

  YinHoNg 13:08 01 Jan 2006

By resolution do you mean the screen size? If so, i've tried it on full screen and its still quite jumpy.

This will probably make you realise that i'm actually more interested in the fps.... i've tried looking into msn for seeing the default and perhaps an option to change it but i cant see anything.

My camera is capable on 30fps.

  YinHoNg 18:54 10 Jan 2006


  DieSse 22:06 10 Jan 2006

*i kinda expected a much smoother session with my now 2Mbps connection.*

You connection speed for a webcam session is not the download speed, but the upload speed. If you think about it, each cam has to upload at the much slower upload speed - so your download speed is irrelevant.

  YinHoNg 11:35 11 Jan 2006

ok, i've looked around and i've realised that sometimes it can be pretty good but other times it will be jumpy and sound very choppy....

Guess i better just wait for better technology then......

  Angry Kid 22:28 11 Jan 2006

Why not give Skype 2.0 a go and then you can compare.

Angry ;)

  DerekR 23:32 11 Jan 2006

Good old netmeeting gives better cam clarity

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