Does a Gigabit ADSL Modem Router exist?

  Maamba 22:48 19 Feb 2008

I want to upgrade my Netgear DG834 modem router and want to replace it with a gigabit modem router (i.e. an ADSL modem-router with gigabit wired ports)

I don't mind if it also has wireless. The only ones I can find are DSL/cable gigabit routers :(

Any one know of any please?

  Ashrich 23:28 19 Feb 2008

I think the only ones you can get at the moment are plain wireless routers with Gigabit , nobody does one with an ADSL modem at the moment , although there is nothing to stop you having a separate modem and wireless router , that way you can have it all . Your only other option would be to get your hands on some exorbitant commercial kit ( Cisco ?) and sell your house to pay for it !!!.


  Kemistri 23:59 19 Feb 2008

While PPPoE "Cable" modems are easy to find, PPPoE ADSL modems are not -- I know of only one, which is made by Draytek and costs a little over £50. Add to that a suitably compatible standalone Gigabit router, such as a WRT310, and you have just quite a lot of money to get Gigabit LAN speeds in a home network.

  irishrapter 06:25 20 Feb 2008

You could just get a Gigabit switch click here= , connect all the computers to that via Ethernet and then connect the switch to the router.

That's the setup that I'm using at the moment, gives me Gigabit speeds between three computers and a server.

  crosstrainer 11:23 20 Feb 2008

Idea is the best soloution. Anything else is going to involve pro kit at pro prices :)

  Maamba 12:23 20 Feb 2008

Thanks for your help so far peeps.

Irishrapter's idea would indeed be the best if it were not for the fact that that's the setup I have atm :)

Sorry should have mentioned the 8 port gigabit switch that I have connecting my 3 PC's, Wii and Set-top DigiBox. (To be more complete the DG834 has connections to the gigabit router (ofc), nework printer and a Netgear storage central.)

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