Does the computer spec affect a wireless setup?

  Sapins 18:55 26 Nov 2005

I have 2 systems, one 3GH Pentium 4 with XP Home and USB2 and one 650Mhz Pentium 3 with 98SE and USB1 which I want to connect wirelessly to share a broadband connection and also add a USB printer.

Is the second one up to it, or do I need to upgrade it at all?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:05 26 Nov 2005

The 650 is easily able to handle internet / office stuff

  Sapins 21:21 26 Nov 2005

Thanks for that,



  greybeard 22:02 26 Nov 2005

May I tag on and ask D S - is there a bottom line for speed in set ups like Sapins?
I've got almost the same, but only 330Mhz on my 98se system.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:08 26 Nov 2005

greybeard - I have a P133 that I use on occasion with win98 (1st edition) and 2mb broadband via a USB receiver.

You should have no problem with BB :-)

  Sapins 10:54 27 Nov 2005

Hi again, can I ask you if this router will be suitable, Netgear DG834GTFS 108Mbps Super Wireless ADSL Router and does it have a modem included or do I use my present Thonpson 330 ADSL? also can you tell me what network card I need for the 98SE system, I presume it will be better to use the same make i.e. Netgear. Finally what do I need to set up a USB printer in the network?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:47 27 Nov 2005

Some thoughts
I think that the router has a modem

NETGEAR DG834GT 108 Mbps Super Wireless ADSL Router - wireless router
click here lists it as having one anyway. That means you can dispense with the modem you have.

If you connect the router to the main PC and the USB receiver to the older machine, you should be ok.

As for a network card, anyone should be ok but if you have a USB receiver, you don't need a network card installed.

Can't help with printer sharing - never did it so the bits I've read won't really help.

  Chegs ®™ 12:50 27 Nov 2005

I have a USB printer connected to my desktop(shared)so that the various machines can use it,both wired/wireless access methods.Once the printer is "Shared" then its simply a case of pointing each PC's printer wizard to the devices presence on the network.

  Sapins 13:37 27 Nov 2005

You've lost me now, is the USB receiver the modem?

Chegs ®™, thanks, that sorts that out.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:56 27 Nov 2005

Sorry, I got a bit carried away.

You can have either a wireless PCI card or a USB receiver. Either of these will pick up the wireless signal coming from the router / modem.

  Sapins 19:49 27 Nov 2005

Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated. I hope to get the "bit's" this week.

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