does bios virus affect the memory strips??

  onetruelove2008 19:05 09 Jul 2009

i have an old computer with over a gig of memory but it got a bios virus that spread through the hard drive people say that this obviously affects the motherboard but can someone tell me if it affects the memory sticks as my new computer could do with more memory and i wanted to use the old memory in the new computer. thanks

  mooly 19:11 09 Jul 2009

Doesn't effect them at all. Once power is removed they are "blank"

  Technotiger 19:14 09 Jul 2009

As far as I am aware, it is highly unlikely that a virus can affect the RAM.

But make sure that the old RAM is compatible with you new computer's motherboard, and with your present RAM.

  OTT_Buzzard 19:34 09 Jul 2009

There's absolutely no way a virus could reside in your RAM for more than a few microseconds after being powered down. You have nothing to worry about!

  DieSse 22:16 09 Jul 2009

"....but it got a bios virus...."

Are you sure - this is very very rare nowadays, as most (all?) BIOSs are protected against being written to - which means protected against viruses.

And as above - no a virus cannot stay in the RAM - with the power off there is nothing in the RAM at all.

  onetruelove2008 21:26 22 Jul 2009

thank you to everyone for helping me amy

  woodchip 21:56 22 Jul 2009

He does say a Old computer, but as said very rare that you would catch a BIOS virus today. There are some about but you would find it hard to catch one

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