Does AVG slow PC down?

  brindly 17:29 09 Sep 2010

It seems ever since I installed AVG 8.5 three pc users licence my computer has got slower. Each morning when I bootup it takes some 5 or six minuted before I am able to use the pc, the light on the computer keeps clicking away and makes it difficult to load a program to start using it. This never happened when I used McAfee.

  Daiol 17:39 09 Sep 2010

Yes I think so,I went onto Avast thats free.PC lot better try it nothing to lose.

  birdface 17:47 09 Sep 2010

Maybe update it to version 9 version 10 due out soon.
When downloading it download it without the link scanner and AVG toolbar.

If fed up with it try MSE instead.

  Daiol 20:13 09 Sep 2010

Have a look here
click here

  northumbria61 20:29 09 Sep 2010

I have been using AVG for 8+ years now without any problems on 3 computers. If it is taking 5 to 6 minutes before you can use your computer I think you have far bigger problems than AVG. I suggest you look at what is actually starting when you boot up, maybe do a little maintenance and "clean" your system. Also ask your self "How long is it since I did a defrag ?" All these things point to slow startup. You should also be running AVG 9.0 now (latest)

  northumbria61 20:32 09 Sep 2010

* Note - Your AVG needs to load at startup but make sure it is not scheduled to SCAN - you can choose a "quiet" time to scan *

  birdface 20:45 09 Sep 2010

Do you have any other security programs on your computer like Malwarebytes if so give them a run as AVG will not stop everything.

  birdface 20:47 09 Sep 2010

[This never happened when I used McAfee.]

Did you use the proper McAfee removal tool to remove it or did you just remove it from add remove.

  Audio~~Chip 21:15 09 Sep 2010

is everyday on startup a automatic scan starts. Who is you ISP with? sometimes a lot of ISP's give you free internet security like O2, BT, Virgin, Sky etc McAfee seems to be the prefered nowadays and there is no subscription on them. Just ask your ISP if your unsure on what your entitled to.

  peter99co 21:26 09 Sep 2010

If you look at tools/advanced settings/schedule etc you can control when a scan/update occurs.

If you do not check these items you will continue to think it is the software.

I have been having slowing down problems recently and have found this is NOT AVG it is Automatic Updates from Microsoft. I have turned off Auto and the machine run quicker now. This is via the normal control panel and to stop alerts just change the way Windows Alert you on the same screen as Notify and Auto appears.

  peter99co 21:29 09 Sep 2010

Just remember to run a Manual Windows Update at sensible times.

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