Does anyone use a Telephone Ringer/Flasher?

  Snec 11:14 07 Jan 2008

I have a phone socket in the hall. This has a doubler from which one line goes to the phone, through a filter, and the other goes upstairs to a router. Having been given a set of cordless phones for Christmas we find they do not ring very loud and calls can be easily missed.

There are numerous telephone ringer/flashers available but I can't seem to find the answer to my questions anywhere.

1. Do these units need filtering... what is the order for yoking them up... which is it?

Main BT box > Ringer > Filter > Phone


BT box > Filter > Ringer > Phone (which would look a bit untidy)

2. Do these things cause any problems with Broadband, eg. dropping connection when they ring?

  audeal 11:40 07 Jan 2008

Try these: click here--

And this one: click here--

The one I use does not seem to be on the site anymore.

  piddletrenthide 11:42 07 Jan 2008

My ringer/flasher works perfectly happily and does not interfere with broadband.

It does need to be filtered from the ADSL signal; your existing filter would serve if you used another doubler to fit it parallel with your phone.

Your second option is the closest to this, but bear in mind that the ringer is parallel to the phone, not in series with it.

  PO79 12:06 07 Jan 2008

An alternative would be this click here which I use. It does not require connecting to the sound source as it has a mike pick up that you place close to/on/under the sound source to make it work. The bonus is if you are deaf like me you get it vat free!!!!

  cruiser2 13:30 07 Jan 2008

Bought a Binatone combined telephone and answering machine model 1327. Last October. It has a flashing light at the top as well as a loud ring. It is connected directly to the filter box with the other outlet being used for the broadband connection to this PC.
Not had any problems with either the phone or PC since I started using it.

  audeal 14:11 07 Jan 2008

PO79: This is the one I use, but I could not find it earlier so I could not mention it to Snec.

I am glad you posted it here as I want to get another one which is good for a door bell as well as a telephone. In fact it can be used for almost anything you need to be alerted to.

As you say it has a senser which is stuck onto the item you need to be alerted to. I use Bluetack to stick it on. Works fine.

  Snec 15:35 07 Jan 2008

Thanks, everyone, for putting me on the right track.


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