Does anyone use Black Ice...

  Z1100 22:26 21 Nov 2006

I don't but I have been asked if it is any good. Now, I use Zone Alarm and I am quite happy about that but my Bro, in his infinite wisdom believes you never get something for nothing... He has a point, a small point but one all the same.

I am all for telling him to pay for ZA Pro if he is that keen to give money away but his logic likes the process of elimination. I told him the ‘Ruskies’ like that too this week, he was not amused. So since I am ‘Pit the Younger’ I do his bidding and ask;

Has anyone used Black Ice as a Firewall or does anyone have an opinion on it vis-à-vis Zone Alarm (Pro) or Norton? Come to think of it, any Firewall, I’ll have my own over him and use him as a Firewall Test bed for a few months the other side of Christmas…


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:32 21 Nov 2006

As has been well documented here, I have not used a firewall for 4 years, just AVG (free) and a little common sense.

There is virtualy no chance of a home computer getting hacked and if you do get Trojans or pop-up programmes the cause will be you agreeing (unknowingly) to give them access. If you are happy with ZA continue using it. Use AVG free or Avast and Ccleaner click here. Putting on Windows Defender (free) will give you all the prtection that you will need. There is nothing on ahome computer that will be of interest to a hacker even if they could get on it. Lay off the Pr0n sites and do not accept 'offers' of 'free' registry scans.

I'm afraid your brother is so wrong.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:32 21 Nov 2006

ps...I do use Windows defender.

  mammak 22:36 21 Nov 2006

I did years ago for a very short time did not like it resource hungry ect infact when tried to uninstall it there was a folder so huge left on my computer I could never get rid,

that computer is not in use anymore but I bet that folder is still there infact I might just fire it up tommorow to check if it is

  Z1100 22:39 21 Nov 2006

But he is my big brother so that automatically makes him right!

Psssst... I know he is not but don't say I said that ;)

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