Does anyone use an all in 1 HDD Docking Caddy?

  Graphicool1 14:57 21 Jul 2011

Seriously, I think it is brilliant the way some non English people can communicate in English - this isn't sarcasm - I really mean it.

When a person whose first language isn't English and they write an instruction manual in English about, let's say how to put together a flat pack table or cupboard. At worst it's annoying, at best it's a laugh. Especially when you're watching someone else struggling with it.

But I feel - in view of Health and Safety - there should be a limit as to what kind of instruction manual can be translated in this way. Putting a dowel in a hole where a screw should go, is one thing. Connecting a machine to the mains, then to a PC, when you're not sure if it's the right voltage or you've slid the switch in the correct direction; is a whole different thing altogether!

I think I can speak for most people when I say that seeing or hearing about someone blowing up their PC and being electrocuted in the process; would be just about as far away as anyone can get to being either funny or annoying.

So, before anything even close to this happens to me I'd just like to ask...Does anyone use an all in 1 HDD Docking Caddy? I have just bought one and for what good the 'English' manual is to me, they could have saved their time and money and written it in Chinese? However, the good thing is the manual isn't actually giving general instructions on how to use the caddy. It is in fact telling you how to 'Clone'. Which, luckily for me is not why I got the caddy. Why lucky for me - you might be thinking - well, it doesn't support the OS I have, that is Windows 7. My reason for getting it was to be able to use a selection of internal HDD's that I seem to have amassed.

Oh and while we're on the subject of compatibility, for the benefit of those among you who are contemplating getting a caddy; they don't all support the 'WD' Western Digital HDD either.

My Question is...

Because all my HDD's are IDE and you apparently have to change the electric current for them, because it's different to SATA. Now I know the switch for this is located beneath the caddy. But what I don't know is which way it has to be slid. As I can't even find any mention of either the 'Different Current' - 'The Switch' - 'Nor which way it should be slid'?!

  wee eddie 15:21 21 Jul 2011

Is it possible that you are trying to put an HDD with an IDE Connection, as opposed to a SATA Connection, into the Caddy?

There may be more types of Connection for all I know.

  Graphicool1 15:40 21 Jul 2011

Hi wee eddie

In answer to your question...

"Is it possible that you are trying to put an HDD with an IDE Connection, as opposed to a SATA"

...No, I am putting one IDE HDD into the caddy. SATA doesn't come into this mix. Because - As stated above - all my HDD's are IDE.

  alankearn 08:15 23 Jul 2011
  userious? 09:30 23 Jul 2011

I bought a "all in one caddy" and it's totally straightforward to use, easy to use and supports IDE and SATA. I bought it to access my old HD's and it does the job without me having to read a manual.

  gengiscant 11:20 23 Jul 2011

A link to your caddy would be good.

  Graphicool1 18:21 25 Jul 2011

In the end I just took the plunge and everything went swimmingly. I first tried it with an expendable HD, just in case. It worked fine, but thanx for responding guys.

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