Does anyone like the new IE7 ?

  jarani 22:58 27 Oct 2006

hi all - that is the question - is there anything nice about it ? - jarani

  t_searle 23:07 27 Oct 2006

Takes a bit of getting use to but it aint bad, but Im no computer expert!!

  dave726587 23:08 27 Oct 2006

i like the tab thing but recently been having some problems e.g sometimes it closes

  ed-0 23:09 27 Oct 2006


Haven't found anything I dislike, yet.

  Technotiger 23:09 27 Oct 2006

Hi, Yes, I like it - but, I am still using IE6. I have tried IE7, but at the moment IMO I think it is a bit too buggy. Plenty of members like it though, and some seem to be doing ok without any problems. I will use it again in due course, and will be happy to do so.

Cheers. 23:13 27 Oct 2006

for a few days and find it really good once you get used to finding things. The tabbed browsing didn't really matter as I already had that on BTYahoo browser.

But all in all I like it. One minor niggle is that you have to right click on a folder to expand it.

  Jimmy14 23:21 27 Oct 2006

few problems at first with Java and add-ons but it seems to be going fine now. Big improvement from IE7 I must say.

  Miros 23:29 27 Oct 2006

I like it the only thing I don't like is that it seems to come with Yahoo, and since I prefer Google things look a bit cluttered on top.
Why do they insist on imposing their ware on you i don't know, if I could be more selective I would be delighted.
I have only used a few weeks so may get it sorted to my liking more.

  Technotiger 23:33 27 Oct 2006

Miros - I may be wrong, but I thought there was a box to untick if you did not want the Yahoo bit.


  rdave13 23:39 27 Oct 2006

I think IE7 is excellent. I like everything about it and the best bit is the ability to reset it if you get into trouble.

Mine didn't come with any third party toolbar as a default. Not unlike Opera in many ways.

  Miros 00:05 28 Oct 2006

Yeh and I thought I did untick it :-(

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