Does anyone know what CLOCK PLAN.exe is?

  Shirl-The-Girl 19:50 19 Dec 2004

I'm not very good at techno speak I'm afraid so be gentle with me! I have had problems this week with my pc following the download of the new AVG version 7 and have also had dwwin.exe error messages. My system has been giving me messages about virtual memory running low and then programs start to shut down one by one. I have kept my task manager open and have discovered a program called CLOCK PLAN.exe created on 12 December which keeps replicating itself using approx 4900K of memory each time it appears on the list so I assume this is the reason that I am getting the virtual memory messages but does anyone know where it could have come from or how to remove it?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:54 19 Dec 2004

Sounds like Spyware - download, update and run some or all of the following:

click here
AdAware click here
SB click here
cws click here

  Shirl-The-Girl 21:08 19 Dec 2004

Yes it could be. I've tried denying it in zonealarm, i've tried uninstalling AVG, I've unchecked the box in start-up, I've run my bt-yahoo anti-spy program, but all to no avail. I'll try the ad-aware program and see what happens. I also tried system restore but it was unsuccessful!

  Shirl-The-Girl 15:49 22 Dec 2004

After I posted the last message, I managed to get system restore to put my system back to a few days before the problem started and all seemed ok for a day or two but now I am getting an error message every time I try to run any program. "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click on OK to terminate the application." Does anyone have any ideas what this means and what I can do to correct it? I can't even do system restore this time as I get the same error message!

  Diodorus Siculus 16:35 22 Dec 2004

Do you have the winXP CD? If so, you may be able to run the system file checker:



sfc /scannow

(be sure to leave a space after sfc and before /scannow)

  Shirl-The-Girl 16:42 22 Dec 2004

No I don't as winxp was pre-installed when I bought the pc - is there another way of running it?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:45 22 Dec 2004

Not that I am familiar with I am afraid.

  iambeavis 17:05 22 Dec 2004

dwwin.exe is to do with Dr. Watson. For possible information on 0xc0000142 - click here

Not much but it may move you forward a bit.

  Dorsai 17:05 22 Dec 2004

I can find no referance to 'clock plan.exe', everwhere i have tried comes up blank. It could be a 'new' bit of malware. I dont know how to, but there must be some way of 'submitting it for examination' to AVG, or your chosen anti-mal company.

  iambeavis 17:11 22 Dec 2004

If the dwwin.exe error message is still occurring you can get rid of it by - Click Start --> Run --> services.msc - scroll down to error reporting service and disable the service.

  Shirl-The-Girl 22:32 03 Jan 2005

I have ended up having to restore the pc to factory settings! Nothing else worked so it was the last resort and I'm now spending hours on end reinstalling everything! It's a bit of a nightmare but you're all probably used to it! Thanks for your help though and I've marked this item resolved. Cheers Shirl

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