Does anyone know how to get WINUAE working?

  allanon 21:06 17 Sep 2007

I have just got the above to play the old Amiga games on my PC. But I simply cannot get the same to run. The helpsheet might as well be in Eskimo!.

How do you copy ROM files from a disc onto the c:/Program Files/Winuae\Roms

  brundle 21:09 17 Sep 2007

What bit are you finding tricky? Finding the ROM/Kickstart files, or finding the WinUAE ROM folder?

  allanon 21:13 17 Sep 2007

I've found the ROM/kickstart files from the DVD, and assume you can copy them by Control and A then right click and "copy" - ?.

I cannot find the WinUAE ROM file as there does not appear to be a folder . I've tried to locate the same in explorer but no luck.

I'm a novice at this, so I just maybe missing something
Thanks for your help

  brundle 21:18 17 Sep 2007

It doesn't appear to have an actual dedicated folder ,make one yourself in the WinUAE folder. Start WinUAE, it will fail with no ROMS, click OK,click Paths, click the button on the far right, navigate to your newly created ROMS folder, click OK. Click Rescan.

  brundle 21:21 17 Sep 2007

Put the Kickstart files in the new ROM folder first

  allanon 21:33 17 Sep 2007

I made a "ROM folder"within WinUAE and started winUAE and it failed with :-

"you need to have a diskfile in DF0to use the kickstart replacement" message on a black background.No "paths" or any other choices, then just lefy WinUAE - any ideas?

  brundle 21:36 17 Sep 2007

Did you point DF0 to an .adf file? Kickstart alone won't boot the machine, it expects a boot disk.

  brundle 21:45 17 Sep 2007

I recommend Datastorm by the way, wasted many hours on that game

  allanon 21:47 17 Sep 2007

can't find the adf files

  allanon 21:49 17 Sep 2007

Thanks for the recommendation - so it does work eventually then

  brundle 21:57 17 Sep 2007

I can't find it right now, but there used to be a site chock full of Amiga adf files.
This might help; click here

click here

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