Does anyone know how to do this in Word?

  edennorman 09:32 10 Jun 2005


I want to be able to make a table in word....a sort of index card.

Now I can do that, but what I want it to do is when I run off the bottom of the page I want a replica of the table to appear on the next page and so on.

What happens at the moment is when I run off the bottom of the page a blank page appears.

Does anyone know how to do this in Word?

Thank you.


  rawprawn 09:35 10 Jun 2005

Copy the first page and paste it to the second page ?

  Slithe 09:49 10 Jun 2005

At school, a similar system was used to put individual tabulated grades for pupils per page.

The system used a combination of mail merging and Excel.

I know this is not very helpful, but it may point you in the right direction or jog other peoples memories!

  Taff36 09:56 10 Jun 2005

Is this index card to be printed off and then written on or are you trying to type in information, exceed the page length and need it to continyue on page 2 before printing it out? Tell me which version of Word you are using. (Help>About Word)

  Simsy 10:08 10 Jun 2005

but jsut to be clear about the question...

Do you mean that you have a table with x colums. As you type in each column you press the right arrow to get to the next col...

When you get to the last col in a row you press the right arrow twice and it gets you into the first col of the next row...

When you get to the end of a page, the bottom right cell of the table, you want to go to the top left cell of a table, (that doesn't yet exist), on the next page. Is that what you want? Do you want a whole empty table to appear, or just one row at a time, as needed?

Sorry I don't have the answer, but I'm sure clarifying this will help someone to. I suspect there is a VBA solution possible.

With apologies if I've muddies the waters!



  Peter 10:25 10 Jun 2005


If what you want is the top row or rows of the table to be repeated on the next page, when the table length exceeds the page size, then I think you need to use the Headings option of the table menu. This is not to be confused with Headers and Footers.

Enter your text in the top row, or rows, of the table on the first page. Highlight the rows you want repeated on the next page and pull down the Table menu and select the Headings option. When the table goes onto the next page the top row(s) will already be completed.


  edennorman 10:49 10 Jun 2005

Ok lets see if i can clarify things.

I have reated a small page...a card in an index if you like.

I have drawn a table...only two columns in the left hand column I put so on. And in the right hand column I put the details, which will obviously be different for every page.

What I want happen is, when another page is created at the bottom of the first one, I want the table and text in the left hand column to reappear....yes I guess I could copy and paste the table into the next page, but I wondered if this could happen automatically?

Is that clearer?

Hope so, thanks for all your thoughts on this.


  scotty 11:10 10 Jun 2005

Using tables you have the option to repeat a row as a table header. Don't think this will do quite what you want.

Have a look in Help for Forms. Never used them but sounds like a possible solution.

Another way to repeat information on each page is to include it in the header/footer.

  Taff36 11:35 10 Jun 2005

The card index will therefore have the same Name, address, e-mail details on every page then? In that case put the info in the header / footer and the other information just type in on every page. As it flows to the next page the info will automatically be entered on every page.

Note that the header footer info. can only be changed by viewing header/footer and will affect every page (except page one if you select "different first page". Hope I`ve understood this right. If it helps send me a personal message using the envelope and I`ll take a look at your document. By the way which version of Word?

  edennorman 14:11 10 Jun 2005


No, I do not want every page to have the same name/address/email details, I want to be able to add fresh details on each page.

I did think of the header/footer idea, but it you said...that I would have to change views every time I wanted to add fresh details.

By the way I am using Office Word 2003.

I will take you up on your kind offer if I may...and I shall send you the document to play with...I had a look at the help section regarding forms, but their does not seem a way of doing it there.


  Master.mind 14:46 10 Jun 2005

Set up a spreadsheet with the details you need and then create a mail merge to produce each "Index Card".

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