Does anyone know of a compatable AV sender

  Legolas 16:21 17 May 2008

Good afternoon all. I have virginmedia cable with a samsung box I would like to purchase an av sender to send the cable signal to my TV up in my bedroom. I know there are many such devices but I would like one that will allow me change channels via a remote control. Does anyone have such a device or know of one.

  birdface 19:22 17 May 2008

Not that I know of.I think you have to watch the channel that they are watching on the TV downstairs.You can of course get another box for upstairs but I don't know how much extra they charge a month.Think its about £6.

  Caså 19:51 17 May 2008

click here
I think you need AV2 IR like this to be able to change channels on ntl box

  Legolas 20:38 17 May 2008

That looked promising until looking on another site it told me that it was compatible with NTL except the new samsung silver box guess which box I have.

Thanks for the reply I don't really want to pay for an extra box as I don't really watch that much telly in my room.

  pac73 02:53 18 May 2008

Have a look here

  Legolas 14:04 18 May 2008

That certainly looks like it should work as it says it is compatible with all cable boxes. It is a bit pricey at £99.99 just so I can change channels from my bed.

I already have my cable box hard wired to my upstairs telly and the picture is good, the purchase of an AV sender was simply to facilitate the changing of channels without getting up going downstairs and switching channels. Will have to give it some thought. Thanks for the replies everyone, will tick resolved.

  birdface 14:59 18 May 2008

Interesting.I did not think that it could be done.I thought that you had to watch what was on the main TV.In days gone bye.If you used one of those it would interfere with the neighbor next doors telly.I suppose it would be Ok with modern TVs nowadays.Still cannot see how it will change channels though.But then I am a bit dense.If someone can explain it in a simple manner I would be oblidged.

  MCE2K5 19:32 18 May 2008

This can explain it better than I can,

Your guide to using digital wireless video senders click here

  birdface 19:44 18 May 2008

Hi.Thanks for your click here.But cannot open it.Just reformated lately and it wants me to download some program to open it.So will give it a miss.Thank you for taking your time to help.But the problem is my side.

  MCE2K5 20:00 18 May 2008

It's a PDF.

  Legolas 20:35 18 May 2008

As far as am aware the AV sender device in the second location i.e. a bedroom, will pick up the remote control signal and relay it wirelessly to the device connected to the cable box this enables the channel to be changed as well as other things like sound levels etc

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