Does anyone know...

  professor 19:55 25 Mar 2003

hey ppl

nice easy one this but im not sure where to start for it,its simple I have a Radeon9000 g.card and I was wondering does anyone know where I can get some freeware or somthing that will "look" at my g.card and tell me how fast its running at.(GPU speed etc.)

The reason I ask is that the box didnt tell me and its not direct from ATI it was an "unknown" g.card manufacturer box.

thanx ppl, prof

  the lone cloner 20:15 25 Mar 2003

try sandra(click here),is diagnostic software.good luck.

  professor 20:55 25 Mar 2003

thanx but your link is dead anyone know the sisoft web address??

  mikef™ 21:02 25 Mar 2003

Try click here there was just one to many dots in the original post.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:03 25 Mar 2003

That would here


  professor 21:56 25 Mar 2003

click here go there you can download some software that will let you have a look at your g.card...i feel cheated mt memory speed is only 200mhz when norm R9000 memory speeds are 400mhz in the plus side i can take my GPU all the way from 250mhz to 320mhz with NO instability!


  professor 21:59 25 Mar 2003

4got to ask..

does ANYONE know a site where i could get some detailed info to do a hardware over-clock on my g.card u know tinker with a few of the settings...a bit of soulder here and there...


  Pesala 00:06 26 Mar 2003

does anyone know where i could get detailed info on doing a hardware overclock on my g.card-not software app-hardware u know a bit of soulder here..take that off there..

the reason is a mormal radeon9000 has a 400mhz DDR speed and 250mhz GPU speed but mine..again see "does anyone know"

only has a 200mhz DDR speed but the GPU is fine the thing is though i can get my GPU upto 330mhz with NO instability and DDR speed upto 220mhz

well i'll stop guffing on now ;o)


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