Does anyone have any experience of Trapcall?

  Nontek 09:29 20 Aug 2012


Just looks too good to be true!!

  Nontek 09:36 20 Aug 2012
  KRONOS the First 09:36 20 Aug 2012

It looks like it only works for a few 'carriers' in the USA, looking at the FAQ's.

  KRONOS the First 09:38 20 Aug 2012

Not being allowed an edit button on these forums I will have to post again to say "oops crossed posts" as I was commenting on the first link.

  Nontek 11:00 20 Aug 2012


Agreed, the first link is USA only. I am wondering more about any UK experience/comments.

  Woolwell 11:24 20 Aug 2012

Only useful for those who get lots of cold calls on their mobiles. I don't get any (touch wood!).

  Nontek 12:36 20 Aug 2012


Hi, me neither, I am making inquiries on behalf of a friend.

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