Does anybody want free web services?

  webservices 20:04 28 Dec 2003

If I set up a website offering free web services including hit counters, guestbooks, weather forecasts for anywhere in the UK, latest news headline feeds etc... that just have a very small text link back to my site and are fully customisable in every way would anybody use it?

  webservices 20:05 28 Dec 2003

I would also be offering free web polls, feedback forms, recommend this site forms etc...

  Gaz 25 20:12 28 Dec 2003

No spyware?

Then yes.

  webservices 20:16 28 Dec 2003

Wouldn't the majority of people rather use a more well known service? 23:21 28 Dec 2003

without spyware and pop ups, yes, for certain items.

  Taran 08:38 29 Dec 2003

I can't see how you could hope to make a return on it.

Most web hosts offer a selection of simple scripts for feedback/contact forms, polls, guestbooks and similar. Even on those hosts that don't offer such scripts, you can always run widely available copy and paste JavaScripts, along with a selection of readily available and easily set up CHI and even PHP or ASP scripts to do most of what you suggest above.

I'm not trying to burst your bubble - it just seems that any likely demand would probably offer you little to no return.

  Gaz 25 15:12 29 Dec 2003

Bigger companies, such as Bravenet...

Are loaded with spyware adverts, some using JS\Noclose.

So I hate them, but they are free, so I use them now and again.

If you offered just a text link to your own website where these were located for others to 'get' then yes, I would use them.

  Forum Editor 18:42 29 Dec 2003

There are thousands of free resources out there, and I can't see any reason (from what you've said) why people would prefer your site.
You would get some traffic of course, but if you envisage this project as a potential money-maker I'm bound to say I think you're being over-optimistic.

Not what you might want to hear I know, but my honest opinion nevertheless. 01:26 31 Dec 2003

from webservices?

  Taran 13:02 31 Dec 2003

The thing is, I know of literally thousands of freely available scripts out there that take little or no tinkering to get working on your site and most of them that I know of require either no return link or banner to the script originator or in some cases a small text link may be present.

You can choose between free PHP, ASP, Perl/CGI, JavaScript processors to do all kinds of everything from guestbooks to form handlers, polls to calculators, form validators to data/database processing and so it goes on.

I found a very nice free Flash guestbook a couple of days ago too while browsing a site I'd not visited for some time, which requires one thing and one thing only - all you need to do is upload it to your site and that's it.

Programs like FrontPage have the best built in form handling I know of which only require the extensions to be installed on your web host to work properly.

I'm not sure what anyone could offer that could hope to compete with this.

It's all out there if you look for it and most of it is, in fact, free and does not require return linking.

I'd love to see someone succeed with their venture but there are so many sites that offer some superb scripts for free use I just can't see what the edge would be, and make no mistake, everyone needs an edge to make it on the web.

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