Does anybody use DVD-RAM discs?

  Batch 08:54 28 Jul 2010

Does anybody use DVD-RAM discs? I'm having a bit of a tidy up and came across a couple that I bought a few years ago when I got a PC with a DVD drive that supports DVD-RAM. I never found them very successful and wondered if anyone really uses them now or if they've completely fallen by the wayside.

  woodchip 09:53 28 Jul 2010

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  john bunyan 10:05 28 Jul 2010

If you have the right DVD players / recorders it is by far the most flexible format - I cannot undefstand why it is so unpopular. My PC, and Panasonic and Pioneer DVD recorders all use them.

  Batch 10:07 28 Jul 2010

thanks - I'm familiar with the format - I was just more interested in the experiences of bods on this forum.

  daveeb 10:40 28 Jul 2010

Yes I use them to backup files on my stand alone hard drive recorder before i have burned them to dvd-r, just in case anything untoward happens to the recorder in the meantime. I think they're great and totally agree with John Bunyan.

  Batch 11:07 28 Jul 2010

I've just tried my two DVD-RAM discs again (they're TDK 4.7GB single-sided - the type not in cartridges). BTW formatted as FAT32.

On my desktop (XP Pro), copying (by DragNDrop in Windows Explorer) 161 WMA files (310MB), must have taken 20 minutes (with the time remaning fluctuating quite a bit but often sitting around 2 mins).

On lappie (also XP Pro) copying 120 WMA files (171MB) took about 10 mins.

I'm seem to recall my previous experiences being similar, but I was quite often trying to copy large-ish files (each file being 100 - 1000MB) and the time remaining just took-off.

Gave it all up as a bad job at the time as it is just far too slow and unless someone has a magic solution I think it will have to remain that way.

  Batch 11:09 28 Jul 2010

BTW - copying same data back of DVD-RAM takes a matter of secs.

  Covergirl 12:53 28 Jul 2010

I've got a Panasonic Hard Disc / DVD Recorder and they are good for a couple of hours worth of Freeview, but they are obviously slower than the internal HDD so I use the HDD instead.

I have a neighbour who uses RAM discs exclusively as she has no HDD - one per night does her. She records several TV progs whilst making tea etc. then settles down later on in her nightie, feet up and a glass of sherry which timeshifts her into the early hours.

  Batch 13:43 28 Jul 2010

Thanks Covergirl. I'm really thinking in the context of use on PCs as back-up medium and the like.

I bought a DVD player/recorder for the TV once and it was worse than using VHS - a right pain. Very quickly bought a PVR (e.g. Freeview with HDD, SKY+ etc.). the DVD player/recorder just sits there gathering dust.

  woodchip 13:52 28 Jul 2010

They are the best for long term data storage, 10 years

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