Does any one know how to genuinely earn on line?

  Survey Surfer 11:09 08 Aug 2004

With all the scams or working for peanuts around on the internet does anyone know of away to legitmately/genuinely earn money on line?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:23 08 Aug 2004

There are very few ways of earning a decent living on line and many 'tales' are apocryphal (Ebay millionaires etc.). If Amazon and LastMinute are only just making a profit (the reports seem to ignore the years of mounting losses) there is little hope for the Great Unwashed.

Ebay seems to be one of the better bets but you need stock to sustain a regular income. You also need to know what people want. I would imagine that most people on Ebay just make beer money or a single killing that is never repeated.

99.9999% of all the 'set up an affiliate website', 'fill surveys and earn £££££'s', 'host a website' etc., are utter garbage and anyone with half a brain will see through these scams immediately...unfortunately there are a lot of people with much less than half a brain that get taken in by these cons.

To be blunt, I do not know any way of making a REGULAR and REASONABLE income online unless you are flogging goods that are a) much cheaper than elsewhere, b) flogging goods that no one else has (you will also have the requisite lack of customers)or c) providing a local service (car tints, valeting etc., although you would be much better advertising in the local rags.

I'm afraid the Intenet is not the Golden Goose of ancient legend.


  Martin-194386 11:23 08 Aug 2004

If you are expert in CorelDraw and don't charge too much I might be able to put occasional work your way. Martin

  spuds 11:40 08 Aug 2004

As been previously stated,eBay is perhaps the better bet. It as made some people very rich, because they have had the 'selling' commodity available. Other people have not faired so well, and have realised that the golden goose egg is not always easy to obtain.

I get a weekly intake of junk mail and email spam, which promises that I will have a large villa in some far away place, or more money that my bank can handle.But if it is that good, why would these people who send me these offers, insist that they let me on their secret. Perhaps it is the registration fee that is usually requested that makes me think that the service or advice that they are offering are not as they would let you believe. A bit like the 'beat-up' cars floating around, with the window posters advertising the easy £500/£600 per week jobs.

Get a few items together and give eBay a try, if you make a good profit for the time you put in, then stick to it. If you break evens, then at least you have made an attempt. Good Luck.

  Forum Editor 12:17 08 Aug 2004

1. Come up with goods or services that people really want.

2. Become proficient at web design, or find someone else who is.

3. Design and publish a web site that showcases your products/services to advantage.

4. Formulate a marketing and pricing policy which gives you an edge over the competition.

5. Ensure that you are up to speed on all applicable consumer legislation.

6. If you aim to process customer's personal information register as a data controller with the Information Commissioner.

7. Obtain a merchant status with an acquiring bank - so you can take credit card payments online, or get an account with a third-party payment processor.

8. Buy a unique domain name and host it with a reliable web host - make sure you are clear about bandwidth costs, so you can handle the tens of thousands of visitors who will deluge your site with orders.

9. Ensure that you have a workable fulfilment policy in place - that means be sure you can supply the goods and/or services rapidly from stock to anywhere in the world. Make sure you can handle consumer enquiries rapidly and efficiently.

10. Get a good accountant.

11. Publish your site to your server space.

12 Wait.

Easy, isn't it?

  stalion 16:38 08 Aug 2004

Easy,isn't it?. eeeeerrr no.

  €dstowe 08:35 09 Aug 2004

To add another item.

Don't expect to find any scheme at all where you can sit back and let the money just roll in. Making money requires hard work, whether on the Internet or anywhere else.

Get rich quick schemes only work for the person devising the scheme and then collecting the money from the gullible who are taken in by it - everyone else suffers.

  Survey Surfer 11:09 10 Aug 2004

I think any work or business you have to pay for is risky.
I have looked into get paid for surveys but you have to have a good profile for companies to use you.
Just trying paid emails.
Wondering if anyone has experience with ad typing?


  Stuartli 11:44 10 Aug 2004

>>Get rich quick schemes only work for the person devising the scheme and then collecting the money from the gullible who are taken in by it - everyone else suffers.>>

Agree entirely. If such schemes - I include horse racing tips etc - are truly so successful for those advertising them, there seems little sense in letting others into the "secret" as well...:-)

If I devised a scheme that legally raked in money (oh how I wish) I'd keep it very firmly under my hat.

  woodchip 12:03 10 Aug 2004

Nothing like getting your hands dirty, You may not become a Millionaire, but you will be able to sleep at night

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