Dodgy wireless card and usb?

  Jan Cyrka 00:49 31 Oct 2006

I recently subscribed to BT Broadband. When it came to setting up the supplied home hub wirelessly I realised I hadn't got a wireless adaptor in my PC. So I rushed out to Maplin and without thinking bought a cheap wireless LAN PCI card made by ADDON click here
This works fine but when it came to setting up the hub's security the card doesn't like WPA and seems it will only support WEP and nothing more.
Is there any way to fix this?
Do those wireless USB dongles support more than WPA and do they actually work as they don't have a funky aerial?

  Danoh 08:58 31 Oct 2006

Yes, USB dongles have an embedded aerial. As they can be lifted clear of the back of the PC metal casing and wiring, they have a better chance of receiving/transmitting radio signals.
But few cater for WPA and they purportedly have more installation issues then PCI cards.
Perhaps you would be better off going back to Maplin, explain and swap for another PCI card which does have WPA?

  dms05 07:52 01 Nov 2006

To be fair to Maplins:

(i) the card was cheap
(ii) it works
(iii) it has WEP encryption

You simply bought in haste and reflected at leisure. We all do it from time to time but that isn't Maplins fault!

  Jan Cyrka 10:59 01 Nov 2006

Ok thanks. Will save up the pennies for a better wireless card.

  T0SH 22:18 05 Nov 2006

The claim is that WPA is backwardly compatible with WEP

So try double clicking on the ADDON icon in the system tray and entering your WPA key

The worst it can do is not work

Cheers HC

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