Dodgy printing

  Jackieanne 01:20 27 Mar 2003

My epson stylus color 400 is working fine on test page but on anything else it keeps stopping & starting, leaving gaps & 'some' of the time, taking 5-6 sheets to print 3 pages HELP

  Megatyte 01:27 27 Mar 2003

Try re-installing (or better still, up-dating) the drivers.


  Jackieanne 02:14 27 Mar 2003

I'm gonna exit now to re-install printer and listen to Barry White welcome me back in a few minutes!!!

  Bacon & Eggs 02:36 27 Mar 2003

Barry White? Whatever floats your boat...

One suggestion... printers can apparently get confused and send back bunches of blurff to the bus (accidental alliteration) - i had this at work last year with a completely disfunctional HP printer. I know this might sound obvious, but try completely unplugging everything from the wall for at least a minute. This allows the bus and printer memory to empty themselves, thus not leaving anything for it to get confused over.

Worth a go anyway, and a darn sight quicker than downloading new drivers...

  Djohn 03:49 27 Mar 2003

Try the following for your printer, Similar to what Bacon & Eggs says.

Power up PC and printer, leave printer switched on, but remove the power lead from the rear, wait a few seconds and replace the power lead, your printer should go through a re-setting routine.

That will, or should sort out it's memory. As for the multi page printing. This may be caused by the document you are printing showing too many pages. This can happen if you use a combination of the enter key and mouse when you are making new paragraphs or moving back and forth with the mouse to alter words/spelling.

If this is the cause post back on this thread, and I will try to explain how to cure. To see if this is the cause, bring up one of your documents and if it is a one page document, then it should say so at the bottom left of screen, it may be that your one page is shown as two pages.

Some times a one page document will have been saved as a two page one because of reasons stated above. If it as then your printer will print one page of text and one blank page.

Hope I've not confused you with my attempt to help, please let me know if this helps, or if you require more assistance. J.

  Jackieanne 03:55 27 Mar 2003

Where to start? I've been into something (I am not at all technical!) & it says: Unidriver (UNIDRV.DLL) & Gen drv (GENDRV.DLL) not installed - I assume this is where the problem is but how do I cure it?

  Djohn 03:56 27 Mar 2003

Glad you like Barry White, when you want to listen to him, don't forget, you can send yourself an e-mail.

Just click on write, and place your own e-mail address in the box, give it a heading, like *Test* for instance, and click on send, you will receive it immediately, with Barry's voice informing you. :o)

  Djohn 04:06 27 Mar 2003

This probably stands for universal driver, it may be that on the CD, or floppy drive you have is for a range of Epson printers.

Go into control panel, then add/remove programs, and find your epson printer, click on this and remove, turn off your PC, and re-boot.

Windows will tell you it has found new hardware, and do you want it to find the drivers, ignore this and click continue.

When windows has finished loading and you are at your desktop, insert the CD for your printer, it should start up automatically, if it does, just follow the instructions.

If it does not auto run, then click on the Icon for your CD drive, then right click on that, and choose *Open*, scroll down and find the Icon for install, or set-up, and click on that, and follow instructions. J.

  Jackieanne 04:13 27 Mar 2003

Thanks Djohn, will follow instructions & hope for the best as I really want to pack this up & get the new one up & running. 'spect I'll be back with that, hey I'm wondering what to do about antivirus/firewall - any recomendations?

  Djohn 04:22 27 Mar 2003

Very good and free, a large number of forum users use the following. AVG anti-virus, and Zonealarm firewall.

click here and click here

  Megatyte 00:24 28 Mar 2003

Any results with the printer?


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