Dodgy pop up using Firefox

  cliffoa 12:06 27 Sep 2010

Hi this morning when using Firefox I got a dodgy pop up. At top browser bar it said “My Computer Online Scan – Mozilla Firefox."

Pop up box had following message: “Warning! Your computer contains various signs of viruses and malware programs presence. Your system requires immediate anti viruses check! System Security will perform a quick and free scanning of your PC for viruses and malicious programs.
OK / Cancel”

Needless to say, didn't click on anything, closed it down via task manager. But when I tried to open firefox it kept coming back. I ran superantispyware scan. But all that got rid of was some Adware Tracking Cookies. However, when I opened firefox again, the pop up had gone. Was it the superantispyware got rid of it? I always thought adware was more nuisance than sinister, and the pop up seemed more serious, like some kind of browser hijacker.

Would anyone recommend I do anything else? And is there anything else I can do proactively to tighten up my security to stop me getting these things? All advice welcome please.

I'm running vista, ESET Smart Security, and I have Spywareblaster (though not sure how much good it is) and Superantispyware.


  birdface 12:25 27 Sep 2010

Download and update then run the free version of malwarebytes to see if it finds any problems.

click here

  cliffoa 13:33 27 Sep 2010

Thanks buteman. Malwarebytes scan found nothing.

  birdface 14:08 27 Sep 2010

Maybe you stopped it in time.
Have you tried rebooting to see if the problem comes back.

  birdface 14:15 27 Sep 2010

Now I noticed that you pay for your Anti-virus program maybe do the same with one of your antimalware programs.
Malwarebytes is a one of payment Superantispyware may be the same but I would think of purchacing any one of them as they give you full time protection and less chance of anything downloading on to your computer.
SpywareBlaster is needed and just a matter of updating it about once a fortnight.

  Muergo 17:11 27 Sep 2010

Take the trial of SuperAntiSpyware and then when it's over refuse to buy it.

They then will give you ever cheaper offers until you nearly get it for nothing.

Same applies to Ashampoo products.

Again you could try Trialpay, they may have an offer for what you want.

  cliffoa 00:36 28 Sep 2010

Thanks for the advice. I'm not sure what you mean by paying for SAS and Malwarebytes. I have only ever used the free versions. What do the paid for versions offer that the free ones don't?

  birdface 09:01 28 Sep 2010

This is an example of what the free anti-virus programs do.

click here

Most of them let malware past and on to your computer.
Scanning with a free Anti-Malware program should pick them up and delete them.
Using the Pro versions of the Anti-malware should stop them from getting on to your computer in the first place as they give full time protection.

Very near every day you have someone comming on here where a Rougue Anti-virus program has downloaded on to there computer. If you have a pay for Anti-Malware program on the computer that gives full time protections your chances of picking up anything like that should drop conciderably.
Now that may have been what happened to you yesterday and you managed to block it in time.
Not sure if you use WOT or not but it is a good program for warning you about bad sites before you open them.
It just puts an Icon on your toolbar which changes color to warn you.

  cliffoa 09:54 28 Sep 2010

Thanks again Buteman, an interesting article link.

I guess you get what you pay for (or don't). It can be hard to know what to do for the best. There are so many anti-virus and anti-malware programmes out there. The article shows that some are better than others, but that no free version will stop everything. Indeed, I doubt if any paid-for version will. I currently pay for ESET smart security, which is supposed to protect against viruses and spyware before they infect me, yet these rogue malware programmes seem to keep getting through it's much vaunted 'threat sense' technology. Meaning I have to use the (free) anti-malware programmes like Malwarebytes, SAS and spyware blaster. A lot of posts you see on forums suggest that's the only way, to have a suite of security programmes, since no one will get them all.

The other concern I have with installing too many 'real time' anti-virus and anti-malware programmes is potential conflicts between them, and slow down of system resources. I know for instance that it's advisable never to have two anti-virus programmes running at the same time, but nobody ever tells you whether the same conflict would occur between real time anti-malware programmes, or anti-malware and anti-virus programmes.

Do you think the ESET is worth the money? Or would I be better off ditching it and going with a high-performing freeblie like Avast or PCTools, and using the money to supplement with real-time anti-malware.

If you had to choose one real time anti-malware to buy, what would it be.

Hope you don't mind all my questions, but I value your expert advice.

  birdface 10:44 28 Sep 2010

Now my theory is any anti virus program and 1 paid for Anti-Malware program.
I use MSE along with Emisoft Anti Malware pay for version.
Now a lot of folk not very keen on Emisoft but I would not be without it.
Eset is supposed to be about the best Anti Virus so maybe making the one off payment for Malwarebytes would not break the bank.
I have not tried the Pro version of malwarebytes so cannot comment on it but the one off payment helps as I have to renew mine every year.
Look around for a coupon code for it will let you get it cheaper.
Now everyone has different opinions and I am sure
others will ad a few of their own suggestions on here for you.

  Sea Urchin 11:24 28 Sep 2010

Removal instructions for System Security

click here

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