Dodgy NTL connection.

  yogibear 13:41 27 Aug 2005

I have my PC served by a set top box for 750kb BB, my son uses my PC as a host for his ICS.

At the moment his is working fine, but I am having a hard time connecting. My homepage comes up intermittently, and I have to constantly refresh to get to the next page, even unplugging the network adaptor and plugging it in again to try and maintain access. The network adapter I am using is the AEI High speed ethernet to USB adaptor, which is supplied with the broadband kit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and the software, and am reluctant to contact customer services as their service is hit and miss. The CorrectConnect is not working, as when I start it, I get an error message saying 'waiting for server to configure', but obviously there is no connection. Has anyone had the same or similar problems?

I am running Windows XP Professional.

  pj123 14:37 27 Aug 2005

I also was on NTL via a set top box but had many problems with it. I called NTL and asked to be switched to a standalone modem instead. Everything went smoothly and have been on a modem for about 4 months now with no problems plus (a bonus) it has been upgraded to 2mb for the same price I was paying on the set top box. Don't be frightened, give them a ring.

  freaky 18:28 27 Aug 2005

NTL Broadband have a free helpline....0800-052-2000.

  Strawballs 20:40 27 Aug 2005

click here this is the unofficial forum for NTL internet but the administrators work for NTL internet and are more than happy to answer questions about networking

  007al 22:05 27 Aug 2005

i had a lot of problems with ntl until they changed my set top box to a smaller silver fine now...the engineer said the older boxes were not up to much

  Alan H E 22:18 27 Aug 2005

If & when you are on to NTL homepage download Broadband Medic it will replace Correct Connect & works much better.

  PC Bilbo 22:25 27 Aug 2005

I was also using NTL BB via set top box and it was for ever dropping out.

Insist on separate modem and connectto Ethernet Lan.
This is faster than using USB. Also, you will never have to deal with the stupid "Correct Connect" software again.

Worthwhile as NTL will be upgrading every one again soon anyway. Another thought, if you've had your cable some time, and it was installed before NTL took over,also request get an "NTL" engineer visit and measure the signal strength and band width on your cable. Fibre optic is very susceptible to temperature
and the centre band can "drift" and also cause the symptons you describe.

  PC Bilbo 22:30 27 Aug 2005

Adder. Go Modem and you will not need Broadband medic either.I have used up to 8 different computers in the 9 months since changing and never had a problem with connection.

  Strawballs 19:55 28 Aug 2005

I have changed to samsung set top and have never had a problem since (2meg)

  yogibear 21:51 01 Sep 2005

Seems to have been a software problem all along, bloody disc didn't transfer all files until third try.

I'll keep this thread handy because the service has never seemed to be 100% effective.

Cheers all.

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