Dodgy Ebay PC?

  ste_bla 17:42 21 Nov 2004

looking at computers on ebay and saw this click here i thought that AMD didnt use DDR2 yet as the cpu (with onboard memory controller) doesnt support it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:47 21 Nov 2004

£4,300.00 'nuff said.


  Diodorus Siculus 17:50 21 Nov 2004

All the seller is doing is touting for business - seems that it will be built for anyone who pays that kind of money...

  Sans le Sou 18:07 21 Nov 2004

So it has 4 hard disks and 2 daisy chained graphics cards with a 20 inch tft. Still seems well over the top for price.

  goonerbill © ® 18:13 21 Nov 2004

after a quick look on the net. this mobo doesn't run ddr2 mem as you guessed.

the price for the whole pc does seem a bit high but you are getting £900 worth of graphics cards and the case is over £100. if you went and bought all the components listed it would probably come to something near his starting price.

  TomJerry 18:35 21 Nov 2004

so it is really not important what people get

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:48 21 Nov 2004

'if you went and bought all the components listed it would probably come to something near his starting price' forgot that he has to make a profit unless he is running a charity. Mammon 1...Altruism 0


  Dorsai 18:53 21 Nov 2004

Just now, 7 mins to go before auction closes, not one bid. seems no-one is interested.

Anyone can come up with a list of parts, and the offer to sell them, built up into a PC.

If no one buys it, the seller just does not buy the bits.

I guess.

  Dorsai 19:01 21 Nov 2004

"I have one of these systems myself, and i must say i have been blown away by both the sheer power of the machine and its looks."


"NOTE: Both the Motherboard and Graphics cards are not released until Late November/Early December"

He/she has one, and the parts are not yet avaliable!!

No surprise no one wants it.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:40 21 Nov 2004

Glad to see the usual support for British enterprise.


  PSF 21:44 21 Nov 2004

click here for a similar pc from Scan, it is a bit cheaper....

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