dodgy dongle or wobbly wireless link

  SparkyJack 18:56 27 Jul 2013

Recently acquired desktop running vista-- second hand that is being used as a media centr, decided wanted to go bonline- a previouly ownd dongle obtained ,software run,dongle plugged in--log onto router window came up with presviose owners detail- deleted it- entered my own- it no like.

OK easy way out- F11 to factory mode'. Run software again- no log on window came up.,

Ended that session then for another time

Here is the run wnt log onto my other wireless diviced[3] each failed to connect,each needed to have router detail entered.

so did the dongle do it even though it had not been activated/

Also with the Android tabley it struggled to at 'authorization-which it did--eventually.

iTouch and the linux laptop logged on OK

So ws it the dongle or the software?

dongle to router log on

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