dodgy dial up

  jack 09:44 01 May 2004

I new sort of irritation has beset me
Having recently moved up and on to XP- I am in the throws of getting to grips with its little quirks - though I must say the general feel is good.
This irritation concerns the dial up.
Whether in the E-mail or Browser mode the following happens
If the standard dial up is activated- the modem dials - connection is made , verfying ID
then a wait then a hang up with the message 'Could not Connect' is displayed in the dial up panel.
However when I dial via the Dial Up direct [not through browser or E-mail]
We connect straight away and can then open E-mail or bowser at will and proceed.
Whats the problem?

  ShanghaiDave 09:47 01 May 2004

I'm not sure what the problem is but could I suggest a quick fix. Within the control panel create a shortcut for the internet connection and paste it on your desktop and then use that icon to connect to the internet before you open and browsers etc

  anniecat 10:26 01 May 2004

I've had this problem sveral times in the past and it's usually that information has somehow got changed.. click settings on your dial up, then "connections", click "settings" on this tab, then click "properties" you get various tabs at this point where you can check and alter anything that maybe wrong. Your ISP can give you the right information.. hope that's helped

  jack 13:59 01 May 2004

Annicat got it
The connection ifo had changed from Windows etc. to Unix

so the next question is why?
I didnt do it.
Iit changed itself? or is this another manifestation of a worm or other nastie.

  anniecat 14:54 01 May 2004

mine changed itself at some point after I had gone onto broadband. I was having email probs at the time which turned out to be Tiscali having probs not me, but I hadn't changed anything, but it happened before I went broadband so don't think that had anything to do with it. when I was on dial up if I was ever getting any "error" pop up's or general malfunctions it regularly used to change my "always dial my default connection" setting to "never dial a connection" I don't think it's a worm or anything because I think (hope) my system is clean.

You've really made my day cos I consider myself a dummy when it comes to pc's, most stuff goes over my head cos there's just Sooooooo much, but I'm really pleased I could help as I recognised your symptoms right away.. BRILL!!

  anniecat 15:57 01 May 2004

I've just remembered what I think caused it the last time. I was still in the process of re-downloading all the stuff I'd lost after my hard disc gave out and I had re-downloaded msn messenger. I can't remember why, but I ended up going to messenger troubleshooting pages and I found a mention there that the "telephone number" on the properties tab In settings could display (I've forgotten what now) but that it wouldn't affect the normal running, but it obviously did, I changed it back to ADSL and everything's been fine since

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