Dodgy CF card in Canon camera

  stlucia 13:26 11 Jun 2004

The 128Mb CF card in my Canon Powershot S30 camera has started playing up. I use it in connection with my work, taking up to 3 dozen shots then downloading them onto my PC and deleting them from the card. Recently one shot out of each session has been corrupted -- sometimes it can't be downloaded by the Canon ZoomBrowser software, and sometimes it downloads but is purple-hued and broken up (right two-thirds of the picture cut off and placed at the left, with a few bits of other pictures showing at the top). I've reformatted the card in the camera, but the fault continues.

My question is, is this an indicator that the card is about to fail in a big way? Does anyone have any experience of this, please?

  recap 14:46 11 Jun 2004

You say "I've reformatted the card in the camera, but the fault continues." Did you also do a "Check Disk" for any errors?

  jack 15:01 11 Jun 2004

Presevere with the camera reformat route.
It is best only to copy to PC and do all card manipulation in the camera.
The slightest upload from computer will screw tyings up.
The card is not necessarly unusable- just let the camera give it a good seeing to.

  stlucia 15:13 11 Jun 2004

Recap, I can't find any 'Check disk' function on the camera.

Jack, I'll try reformatting a few more times and see if it sorts itself out. Otherwise, I was thinking of not deleting the bad photo to prevent the camera trying to write another photo onto what seems to be a bad 'sector' of the card. Does that sound reasonable?

  Lead 16:34 11 Jun 2004

How do you transfer pictures from the card to the PC? Do you connect the camera directly to the PC, or do you use a card reader? The reason I ask is I was having problems with corrupted data using a Canon Powershot S40. I initially though it was the camera, as it was happening with several different cards. As it turned out, it was my card reader that was at fault. Since replacing that I have had no problems.

So bear in mind it could be faulty memory, or a faulty camera, or a faulty usb cable, or a faulty usb controller on the motherboard...

  jack 17:29 11 Jun 2004

slghtly modifying what I said about letting the camera doing all the work
there is as always in this computering lark
another route
try this
Insert the card into the computer access 9camera or card reader. dont run the software.
If your machine is 98se/2000/xp it will simply detect the card as another drive.
If you have a disk utiliites program like Norton/Ashampoo Run the 'Disk problem' faciliity and let it clean up the 'disk'
which is what it is.
Then put inthe camera and reformat it.
By the by the camera specific software [for anymake] is usually not very goot - bett to let the card be a disk and let your favouritet image processor [photoshot/paintshop -what ever find it.

  stlucia 19:56 11 Jun 2004

Lead, I transfer pictures by plugging the camera into the USB port and letting the Canon software do the downloading. The fault has got to be in the card or camera because if there's a dodgy picture it sometimes displays 'CF card error' on the camera's own screen when I try to review it. Trouble is, in bright daylight and without my reading glasses I can't see that when I'm actually taking the pictures!

Jack, I tried cancelling the Canon software and letting Win 2000 detect the camera as another drive, but it doesn't show it -- though it does detect my memory stick okay. It's a company camera and PC, so I'm not going to fiddle too much.

Thanks for your input -- on the basis that it just could be a fault with the camera itself, I'm going to wait and see how things develop (pun not inteded).

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