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  dobbin 18:43 08 Sep 2009

My bookeeper who has been with me for 25 years, is moving to Spain for a large part of the year. Consequently I am looking for a simple way to email purchase invoices to her as they come in. What I am looking for is some sort of software whereby I could put the document in the scanner and with one click email it to her.

Ideally it should be like a fax machine whereby it it is scanned and faxed [or in this case emailed] in one go.

I do not want to have to go through the laborious procedure of waiting for the scanner to warm up, scanning, saving to hard disc and then emailing as an attachment.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what kind of software I should purchase?

  ajm 02:59 09 Sep 2009

If you have a scanner or an all-in-one, it shoudl come with software to allow you to scan documents as pdf's and email it.

Paperport click here is also something you can look into

Also VueScan click here may do the job

  dobbin 14:01 24 Sep 2009

paperport certainly looks as if it will do the job although it probably has rather too many features for a thee man office. Any ideas for something less complex.

  wee eddie 15:24 24 Sep 2009

It might be worth your while to investigate the cost of Sending & Receiving Faxes from Spain as, over time, this could end up being quite expensive.

You may find that e-mailing your Scans would be considerably cheaper, more secure and faster than, for example, Faxing 20 invoices.

  dobbin 10:18 09 Oct 2009

Have found just the product, 'Scan to pdf' click here. Costs $89 and does exactly what I wanted to do, scans the documents and emails them. Just need to find a sheet fed scanner now.

  wiz-king 14:16 09 Oct 2009

Now the fun starts.
You will find that your incoming paperwork is odd sizes and paper quality, this will make it hard to scan with a sheet feeder. You might be better with a flat-bed scanner.

  ajm 21:00 11 Oct 2009

"this will make it hard to scan with a sheet feed". Not necessarily. If a scanner or a AIO has a sheet feeder, it is most likely to have glass sheet as well

  exdragon 22:33 12 Oct 2009

Paperport is brilliant - it scans everything as a pdf file, then you just drag it to the Outlook icon and bingo, the email opens, and the document is added as an attachment.

You can file paperwork however you want, you can put keywords on and the 'Find' facility works in a nano second. I've got my last 5 year's of life filed using this programme!

  designdragon 22:12 26 Apr 2010

This might not be exactly what you are looking for, but might actually work better. I've had good experiences with a company called They allow you to scan your files into an online account. Then you wouldn't even need to email to your bookkeeper. She would have her own login on your ScanMountain account, and then she would have access to all the necessary files and receipts. Though they do have an email feature if you found it necessary to email a file. Pretty cool!

  rwm123 14:15 07 Apr 2011

I'd also recommend a similar service from Click2Scan (click here), giving you FTP access to your files via services such as creating your own Digital Mailroom - very useful!

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