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  Gary Wood 20:16 08 Sep 2009

I have a set of scanned documents, saved in .jpg format. I want to be able to annotate these (highlight text and add text notes), but without affecting the original files. Can anyone recommend any simple document management software that would allow me to do this?



  Technotiger 20:25 08 Sep 2009

What you need is OCR software - you may already have it without realising!

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  Gary Wood 23:22 09 Sep 2009

Thanks, Technotiger.

However, I have some OCR software, but that isn't actually what I'm looking for.

Quite a few of the images are of very old texts that are not suitable for OCR. However, what I want is some document managment software where I can associate keywords with each scan to make it searchable AND have the ability to annotate the scan itself, especially by highlighting parts, in a way that's non-destructive to the original file.

From some searching online, I think I need something like Nuance PaperPort, but that's quite expensive, so I'd like cheaper (or freeware/open source) alternatives.

  lotvic 23:52 09 Sep 2009

What you have is a set of images (pictures of the documents) saved in .jpg format

If you want to be able to pick out parts of them to highlight and make the image of the text searchable then you will have to change the image to a text document using OCR software.

That's the only way I know of doing it.

  lotvic 23:59 09 Sep 2009

Are the documents suitable for scanning and saving in .pdf format?
That would give you some of what you ask about.

  Gary Wood 18:56 10 Sep 2009

The files are jpegs, but I could convert them to PDFs. However, Acrobat only allows you to highlight text, not parts of images.

To reiterate, the images are NOT suitable for OCR, and I want to retain them as images. I don't want to search the actual text shown in the image, but to be able to highlight sections of it, like you would with a highlighter pen on a print out, and also to be able to associate keywords with each file and then search by those keywords.

Nuance PaperPort does this, I think (although I can't find a trial version to check), but it's very expensive, so I was hoping to find a freeware or open source alternative.

  Sea Urchin 21:07 10 Sep 2009

I think this will provide a trial version but for how long I don't know.

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  Taff™ 14:05 11 Sep 2009

Hi Garry - Convert the images to PDF and then use the various tools in PDF Xchange Viewer. click here I`m pretty sure you can then open the document in Adobe Reader and see your annotations.

  Woolwell 14:31 11 Sep 2009

Many draw programs and photo editing programs will allow you to highlight portions of an image. Tagging is the association of keywords with an image file. Picasa I think does this and so does Vista.

  Woolwell 14:33 11 Sep 2009

Sorry the highlighting I've mentioned with overwrite the original.

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