Document half lost

  Glen 20:00 02 Oct 2010

My wife typed a two page document using W7 and Open Office, saved it regularly, and when finished found she only had page two. Missing page not in recycle bin, and not found by search function, or by a manual search through her documents section. (New laptop with not a lot of saved files). Tried a file recovery program from Ninite and did not find it. How could this happen, and is there any chance of recovering it?

  recap 21:17 02 Oct 2010

Try resaving it as a MS Word document then open it in MS Office and see if that opens it.

  Glen 15:05 06 Oct 2010

Sorry Recap but I can not save it again as suggested because (1) its gone and can not be saved (2) I do not have M.S. Office or word, only Open office.
Finally it has happened again, and three hours of very painstaking work is lost. Again it happened after the first page was completed, and a few words had been written on the second page. A dialog box asked if we wanted to Save/Discard/Cancel. Chose "Save", and all seemed well for a short while. My wife will never trust her laptop again, and all W.I. agendas and Minutes will have to be hand written. Is it the hardware or the software? We are quite desperate now

  Clapton is God 16:58 06 Oct 2010

"My wife will never trust her laptop again"

Which seems a little harsh as it's probably a software problem rather than a hardware problem.

Try saving the document to an external medium (USB stick, for example) rather than the HDD.

  jimv7 17:46 06 Oct 2010

Rename each save, it could be that recent saves are overwriting the previous ones.

  Woolwell 17:53 06 Oct 2010

An open org write document is saved as a file. The pages are part of that file. A part of that file cannot find its way to the recycle bin. The whole file could. For some reason it is not saving the first page. Is it doing an automatic save every 10 or 15 mins see click here. This may help.

You could try saving a back up see click here.

Doubt that this is hardware more likely software or user interface.

  Woolwell 17:57 06 Oct 2010

Recent saves of each doc do overwrite the previous ones unless that have different names. But I don't think that this explains the missing first page.

  lotvic 18:22 06 Oct 2010

'dialog box to Save/Discard/Cancel' that comes up when the document is closed, doesn't it?

Is it possible that instead of creating page 2, a new document is being started and then saved with the same file name? which when saved would replace the first file containing the original page 1.

  lotvic 18:31 06 Oct 2010

forgot to ask, how does your wife go onto her page 2?
Maybe is clicking on 'New'? which would start a new document not a new page.

  shellship 18:50 06 Oct 2010

May not be relevant but every little might help. Some time ago I received an email with an odt atatchment. MS Word would not open it and I posted the result here.
click here

Did your wife save it as odt and have you/she searched for an odt file?

  Glen 17:15 07 Oct 2010

Many thanks but not yet resolved.
First - My wife has always saved to type "Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP (.doc)", and has never used .odt
Second - She does not click new for the second page, but just types on until the new page appears.
Third - The only other word processor onboard is MS Works. However my desktop also uses Open Office all the time and have no problem.

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