doc files cannot open

  nutty norm 16:55 20 Feb 2013

I had an e-mail that i could not open well i did open it in a fashion i put it in word pad and it was a jumble it have as many pages as i could not count in the end it was like a puzzle i managed in the end to print two pages that were readable in the end i downloaded office 2007 which did not seem to help any ideas would be a help, Nutty norm

  Chronos the 2nd 17:31 20 Feb 2013

What was the three letter fie extension?

  nutty norm 09:50 21 Feb 2013

Nutty norm Hear again, thanks for the reply but this does not answer the question, I Will start a gain i received an e-mail from company about a certain job i had had done and wanting a report on the matter the e-mail was in a doc file which i unable to open, i put it in word pad which made it all jumbled up and so i put on windows office word document thinking that would help but it did not help , is there any other free programs that i could use out there thanks for your patience, nutty norm.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:06 21 Feb 2013

was it?





  Chronos the 2nd 11:14 21 Feb 2013

I couldn't answer the question with the info you supplied. But by three letter extension I mean exactly what Fruit Bat has asked.Until we know what type of file you are trying to open it is difficult to point you in the right direction.

If it was in a .doc format then Office 2007 would have opened it in fact any and all of the free office suites will be able to open it.

  alanrwood 12:30 21 Feb 2013

Was the extension .docx. If so earlier versions of Word prior to 2007 will n bot open them without the MS Compatibility extension.

Wordpad will not open .doc formats as they would in Word itself. All the jumble /rubbish is the document for mating commands which only Word itself can interpret.

What do you mean by "The email was in a doc format". Emails don't come in doc format. Do you mean that there was a file attached to the email which was in doc format.

  nutty norm 16:47 21 Feb 2013

Thanks fruit bat, it was in .doc & adobe reader, which i still could not open, also from alanrwood most of the last paragraph do you mean that there was a file attached to the e-mail which was in doc format is correct i will try and download the Office 2007, and try again, nutty norm

  alanrwood 19:09 21 Feb 2013

I am now even more confused. Do you mean that you had two versions of the same file attached to an email, one in .doc and one in .pdf format.

Do you have a genuine version of Office 2007 or are you downloading a trail version??? ( I am not sure but I don't actually think there is a trial version of Microsoft Office 2007.

You will need a pdf reader to open a pdf file as Office will not do so. I recommend Foxit Reader as a free program for this.

For reading a .doc file go to and download the viewer or try

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