Do you use linux

  daytimers82 08:54 12 Aug 2010

Hello everyone

do any of you use Linux, how do you get hold of it and which Linux software is good for a desktop, I'm a complete novice.

A friend from work recommended Linux before he moved on. I didn't get the chance to to find out more as he has gone to the states.

  daytimers82 08:56 12 Aug 2010

I forget to mention I'm using windows xp should I advance to windows 7 which is expensive for my budget or move onto something cheaper such as Linux.

  ashdav 09:51 12 Aug 2010

I've got PCLOS on one of my here
It's the most like Windows as far as I know so a good starting point if you're trying it for the first time.
You can also run it as a live cd which means it doesn't install so you can check if all your hardware works before you install it.
Download the full version at the bottom of the page and burn it as an ISO image to a cd then boot from it.
Have fun.

  mgmcc 10:03 12 Aug 2010

If you are interested in Linux, download something like "Ubuntu" click here burn it to a CD and then run it directly from the CD. If you decide to use it permanently, you can then install it in the PC.

Despite what Linux enthusiasts may say, it is *NOT* as user-friendly as Windows and you cannot install Windows programs in it. However, most Linux "distros" (as they're called) do include a range of basic programs - Email, Web browser, Open Office (compatible with Microsoft Office applications) etc.

I'm reasonably computer literate and I've tried Linux numerous times, but I've never managed to persevere with it.

  Jollyjohn 12:44 12 Aug 2010

I have migrated to Linux Mint. I use Mint 5 but the most recent is Mint 9.
Mint will run from a live cd and can be installed along side windows giving a dual boot system.
I have a separate partition for all my data and both WXP and Linux can access it.

  tullie 12:54 12 Aug 2010

Im confused,which is not hard,i thought you were RonaldDonald in another guise.The same Ronald Donald that is allways pushing Linux Mint.Please forgive me for my error.

  canarieslover 19:30 12 Aug 2010

If you are happy with Win XP then why do you think you need to change your OS? Win 7 may be the latest OS but it may not necessarily be any improvement for your needs. Linux is a fine OS with plenty of free software available that will probably cover all the things that you currently do with your computer, but it will mean quite a period of learning how to use the OS and programs. If your friend was still there to guide you I would have no hesitation in saying "Go for it" but if you are the complete novice that you say you are then stick with what you have until you have a bit more experience. By all means try the Linux versions that run from a CD and see how you get on before you reformat and then find that you are not happy with Linux.

  lotvic 20:51 12 Aug 2010

Perhaps 'Ronny' will post and extol the virtues of Linux Mint for you, I haven't got a clue.

  Pine Man 12:37 13 Aug 2010

..if you are into computers and have time on your hands to play around a bit.

I have tried a few versions and, while they are all right, they certainly aren't really a viable alternative to a 'real' operating system in my opinion and are certainly more complicated to administer.

Do what is recommended above, if you must dabble, and try running it from a CD to see if you like it and it does everything that you need in a PC.

  ronalddonald 21:12 13 Aug 2010

Tulie /tulie /tulie

how could you make such an accusation of me being daydeamer, anyway try mint 9 its faster than xp and darn good. Ive been using it and its great.

I thinks I should have a at a confused tulie, tulie if your that confused try taking some tablets.
You know tulie i thought you were a woman but im not so sure.

  lotvic 22:57 13 Aug 2010

Some of the problems solved then, Ronny can help with Linux, BT Master Socket and tablets for confusion.

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