Do you use Leech Get 2004 downloader?

  spuds 12:24 22 Mar 2006

If so, I am in need of urgent advice. Using Leech Get 2004, and trying to download PDF (Abode) documents,Leech Get steps in and attempts to load it as a download programme, but fails. This as resulted in not being able to view any Abode type documents. Is there a remedy to solve this problem!.

Been using Leech Get for a month now, and generally it appears to be a good product. But if the is no solution, then I will need to un-install it, and use something more compatible.Windows XP Home as the main O/S.

  anchor 13:38 22 Mar 2006

Personally I like Download Express; used it for ages, with no problems on XP Pro or Home.

click here

Free for non commercial users, and if you don`t want the advanced features; (not necessary anyway).

Cannot compare it with Leech get as I have never used it.

  ACOLYTE 13:48 22 Mar 2006

I use Leetchget 2005 and have never had any problems with it apart from when the site im using doesnt allow download managers,are you sure the site supports the use of download managers?,have you tried clicking the use internet explorer button?

  anchor 13:53 22 Mar 2006


If you post the link to the pdf document you are trying to download, I will try it with Download Express.

  spuds 17:53 22 Mar 2006

anchor- I used Download Express a year or two ago,but for some now unknown reason I removed it from the computer, and changed to something else, when I was going through an experimental stage . Regarding the problem, it seems to effect any Abode type download. As soon as you click on the document link, Leech Get seems to take control, and tries to download the article into its programme, with the end result that I obtain nothing in the end. Tried doing it with 'secured' bank statement print-outs, and general work this morning, with failure.

ACOLYTE- Not sure about the site allowing download managers. Never had this problem in the past with other downloaders on the same sites.Click 'use internet explorer button', where is that on the programme,don't seem to be able to find that button!.

  ACOLYTE 18:11 22 Mar 2006

In leechget 2005 the button is located on the main screen that opens when you click a link underneath the ok/abort buttons.

  anchor 13:04 23 Mar 2006


Never had any problems, (yet), downloading any pdf file using Download Express. I can choose either run from this location, or save to disk. Both ways work fine, and it opens with Acrobat reader.

  spuds 13:31 23 Mar 2006

ACOLYTE-- Find the button, surprising when something is right in your vision but you tend to miss it :o)

anchor-- Leech Get 2004 is a very good programme, which I would hate to get remove. But having said that, it is looking more like a trial of Download Express is on the horizon, if I cannot sort the problem out.

Thanks again both, for your the helpful attention that you have shown on this problem.Will tick as resolved , for the time being.

  anchor 13:40 23 Mar 2006

Just as a post script:

If you have a site that does not allow download managers, pressng the shift key when you want to download something, disengages the Download Express link.

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