Do you really need Windows SP3

  freaky 21:40 14 May 2008

There have been a number of threads where members have had problems with SP3. Here is some information:-

Do I really need SP3?

I've read that Service Pack 3 is really messing up some people's computers and I'm wondering whether I really need to risk it. Exactly what does it do for me? Does it add some "must have" feature or can I safely skip it and continue to use XP as is? Thanks - Jason P.

ANSWER: Most (although not all) of the serious problems arising from installation of the service pack have been with AMD machines as addressed in the "XP3 SP3 Vicious Reboot Cycle" blurb earlier in this newsletter. The link tells you how to fix that. On the other hand, whether you really need this service pack depends on your situation. If your computer connects to a Windows domain that uses Network Access Protection, one thing SP3 does add (one of the few actual new features) is NAP support. There are also some security enhancements, such as turning on "black hole router" detection by default.

The primary function of SP3 is to apply all of the previously released XP updates. If you have been diligently installing all these updates individually, you could forego SP3 without any dire consequences. If you're installing XP on a computer from scratch, installing it with integrated SP3 not only gives you a way to apply all those updates in one fell swoop, it also makes a change to Windows Product Activation that allows you to skip entering the product key during the setup process (you're prompted to enter it later, as with Vista installation).

Bottom line: best practice is to install all critical updates and service packs (and some corporate networks won't allow your system to connect if it's not up to date). However, XP SP3 doesn't include much for the typical home user that you need or haven't already gotten by keeping your system updated - and in fact, it takes some things away (such as the ability to enable the address bar on the taskbar).


  Halmer 09:46 15 May 2008

Im on XP SP 2 at home yet Im bang up to date with all critical updates.

Presumably therefore Bill Gates is telling me that I don't need SP3 at the moment. So given the problems that there have been I shan't o looking for it!


  freaky 10:01 15 May 2008

My thread above 'Do I really need SP3?" Is not a quote from Microsoft, it's from WXP News which is a newsletter I receive from the USA.

There have been a number of problems especially with AMD equipped PC's from users who have installed SP3. Whether or not you install SP3 is a matter of personal choice!

  Halmer 10:11 15 May 2008

Just saying that I'm a bit confused as to why I don't seem to need it. I've just done an update and there was 1 malicious software removal tool. Nothing about SP3 for me. If it's so important why aren't I being told that I need it?

  freaky 10:40 15 May 2008

The Microsoft security updates that were available earlier this week did not include SP3. It's available to download as a separate item via Microsoft updates.

Although I have not installed it, I understand you can download and save it to your desktop for example....then install the program later.

Personally, like you I have all the updates, so I will not install SP3 until I'm sure it will not cause problems with my PC's.


  [email protected] 11:23 15 May 2008

Do you need any updates or special patches?
Soon you will be told you cannot install updates because they are only relative to SP3 so why wait?
I have installed it on 3 PC's (XP Home on each/1 in French) with no problems.
Everyone grabbed SP2 with both hands, what's the problem???
Maybe you should ask yourself this question:
If I have to re-install my OS do I:-
a. Wait forever to install all the updates relative to SP2 - OR -
b. Simply install SP3.
As mentioned many times before on this subject, the choice is yours.

  [email protected] 11:24 15 May 2008

PS: All my PC's are AMD ;-)

  DieSse 12:23 15 May 2008

I think it applies to some major suppliers on AMD based systems. Read some more here.

click here

  Seth Haniel 12:39 15 May 2008

and also on my Old PC

noticed in its updating that it put a new printer drier in for my Canon laser - and on my Old PC - I was never able to install IE7 - this hasd now downladed from microsoft as an update and is running fine.

  [email protected] 12:59 17 May 2008
  Rob_08 13:01 17 May 2008

Only thing i did notice afterwards is that NetFramework 3 isnt available to install through updates! I guess MS just havent got the update site together yet for SP3.

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