Do you need two hard drives?

  PC guy 22:58 23 Jul 2009

I am planning on getting a custom built PC, and I was wondering if I need two hard drives, like many PC's sold everywhere, or if just one hard drive is enough?
Also, I am currently look at click here, are there any good custom building PC websites?

Thank you

  lotvic 23:49 23 Jul 2009

SPAM advert

FE informed

  DieSse 00:02 24 Jul 2009

SPAM advert - er how do you know that?

Two hard drives is a good idea if one is internal, and the other external and used for regular backups.

Two internal hard drives has always seemed a bit pointless to me (unless you're upgrading). Just get one bigger one.

If you want (or need) really huge amounts of data, then consider an external expandable NAS device too.

  gazzaho 00:06 24 Jul 2009

It depends what you want to do with your computer and the size of the hard drives. If you intend to store a lot of movies, music or install a lot of games then an extra drive may be needed to store the files, movies take up a lot of space on a drive as do games, not so much with music files.

Another thing to consider is backup, using a program like Acronis True Image to backup your entire system disk will allow you to restore it to the exact state it was in before a system failure, this will get you up and running in the least time with little fuss as opposed to having to reinstall windows and all your software from scratch. Making a backup on the same disk you use as the system disk is pointless, if the drive fails so does your backup. Having a separate drive, either internal or external will insure that if your system disk fails or your system becomes really unstable you can restore to a point when your last backup was made.

I wouldn't advise anyone on which custom computer builders to use as it would be my opinion, and my opinion may be influenced by a good or bad experience with that business. I would do some research using a search engine or two, entering the name of the business and terms like customer support or similar and see what pops up. There's a well known builder mentioned on these forums with a lot of negative feedback.

I hope this helps.

  lotvic 00:09 24 Jul 2009

If it's not a spam advert then I apologise but you need to give more details of what you want the pc to do, instead of just posting a link that leads to website advert.

It is always a good idea to have two hard drives so one can be used for backups.
Most seem to go for having an external 2nd hard drive.

  gazzaho 00:27 24 Jul 2009

I myself prefer an internal drive for backup as it's a lot faster than USB at transferring data as most external drive seem to be. I know if the computer is destroyed the lot is gone but I'm not running a business so the lost data isn't that important, getting my OS up and running with the least effort is the important thing to me, I could buy a hot swap drive caddy but I just can't be bothered.

I may buy an E-SATA drive enclosure and fit an internal drive into it for backup, I really can't understand why manufacturers fit SATA drives into external cases and then cripple them by using a USB connection to the computer, that baffles me.

  sunnystaines 03:58 24 Jul 2009

i have as 2nd internal hdd for back ups.

  jack 06:42 24 Jul 2009

In the life of PC computing consumer external drives are fairly new.
Safety and backup are the reason which ever way a safe haven for data is configured.
One drive Partitioned into 2 or more[I have two in my drive one for O/S only one larger to store data.]
USB external is the more recent and as mentioned the new kit on the block a NAS box.
The choice is for the user.
In addition to the Partition and USB external I also have a USB/IDE cable and power supply and a stack of old drives that extra stuff can be stored on.
Backing up does not have to involve hard rives
I am at the moment trying to 'Unformat' /Recover data from a DVD-RAM that had been inadvertently formatted one of my flock passed to me.

  Chris the Ancient 09:10 24 Jul 2009

I also have two internal drives. Both are partitioned to make two drives.

The 'main' drive I use as C: as containing system s/w and the D: as data where I keep everything I've created.

The second hdd is used to maintain Acronis images of C: and D:

On more than one occasion, I've been extremely grateful that there has been a back up.

p.s. The data content is also routinely backed up unto a dvd. Again, something I've been grateful of when I wanted to re-look at something I did a few years ago.

  PC guy 13:27 27 Jul 2009

Thank you all very much. It wasn't spam by the way!

  john bunyan 17:58 27 Jul 2009

Snap, I do the same with Acronis except I clone the main the partitions on the second HD and an image on an external HD.

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