Do you know your Thunderbird? log on identities

  myfoot 15:06 30 Apr 2007

Just installed Thundrbird 2.o on a friends machine and was surprised because I was unable to find domething equivalent to Oultook Expresses "Identities". In O.E. this enables 2 people to use it, with 2 seperate identities. User B does not see the mail of user A and vice a versa, B doses not see A's. When O.E. is started it asks "which isentity" then user A enters his/her pwd, it opens and they see only user A's email,folders, and use only user A's account for sending receiving. If this is not possible in Thunderbird, I will have to revert his machine to O.E. Myself I use Opera.
machine is XP, but I don't want to go down the route of 2 XP user accounts if possible to avoid.

  beynac 15:50 30 Apr 2007

You can use different profiles: click here

  Jack Hackett 15:51 30 Apr 2007

I seem to think you have to set up another 'profile'
click here

Why are you against setting up another user account in XP?

  myfoot 16:02 30 Apr 2007

From a quick read of those links and presuming one of you is still on the board. The do allow you to open Thunderbird with various profiles, but I don't see the rquirement to enter a pssword to open the profile. Have I missed it. Another user account in XP, well it just easier to use O.E. to achieve the same thing. Will be doing this in 2 hours.

  beynac 16:28 30 Apr 2007

Sorry, but I don't know if there's a way of setting a password for each Thunderbird profile.

  myfoot 07:36 01 May 2007

Thanks for the replies. DSL is down here since 16.25 yesterday so was unable to reply, now on dial-up. Now do I set up user accounts in XP or O.E. I suppose user accounts is the way to go allright. Don't have to use them myself so am new to it.
thanks again

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