Do you have a lexmark printer...

  Klof Ron 16:01 24 Jul 2005

..if so read this click here

  Dorsai 16:21 24 Jul 2005

No, i dont.

If i did, and the software that came with the printer did "phone home" with the fact that I rpinted 14 pages, using only black ink, and 5 pages in colour, so what...

How has my privacy been invaded by this data being gathered?

What harm have I been done, or potentially could be done to me, by Lexmark knowing this?

It's no different from the tills in Tesco's, that record the fact (for example) that the average shopper purchases 6 eggs, one loaf of bread, 8 pints of milk, a a tin of baked beans....

It's data, yes, and data about you, but not data that actually identifies you.

Even if the data was connectable to you, how will I be harmed by lexmork knowing that I print 5 letters a week, and 2 photo's?

  Completealias 16:26 24 Jul 2005

A friend of mine has dell printer which is a rebadged lexmark when setting up the firewall and net connection a firewall box popped up saying that a lexmark app wanted to access the net I blocked it.

  Dorsai 16:48 24 Jul 2005

But what are you worried about....

Here is my name....

Mark Saunderson...

So go on, Google it...
click here.

Shed loads of "me's" and not one is actually me....

So my name is known, and no-one has learnt anything abot me, even though they know my name......

Why do poeple worry about information about them being held?

What harm does anyone suffer from Andrex knowing you use 9 rolls a week of their "yellow" roll.

Ditto Lexmark.

  Completealias 16:51 24 Jul 2005

Personal choice i guess or is it called paranoia ;)

  Klof Ron 16:57 24 Jul 2005

It's not quite the same as a store card, with that you get the choice of whether you want to participate or not, and get some reward for taking part. I do have the Lexmark X5250 referred to and I do object to a company obtaining information on my printer and cartridge use without my knowledge and consent, however "innocent" that may seem. As I have registered my printer, with my details and serial number, and as the serial number is sent along with usage details, it seems I can be identified. If it's no big deal why did Lexmark initially deny the printer driver programme installed spyware, and why are users not given the choice to opt out at time of installation?.

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