Do you Back up? I thought I had with DI7!

  Sapins 10:40 25 Nov 2005

Taking heed of the many reminders I bought Drive Image 7 and copied the whole of my main drive to a second hard drive. Safe at last I thought, *wrong!*

Last Saturday I came home at 4pm, having left the computer on since 9am, to find a blank screen, I could not wake it up, reboot did nothing and a couple of restarts did nothing either. So, I thought, no problem, DI7 will sort it out in a few clicks, as it says. That's when I found out it would not restore the drive. I got as far as choosing the saved image of the main drive and then no further, just a message "Error EC950001: The engine has not been initialized"

I have tried to contact tech support, now Symantec, but there is no e-mail support and when I telephoned and went through umpteen choices, I finished up being told "please have your credit card ready" £18 a time! I e-mailed their sales and got a reply so I asked them to pass on my request for help but I'm not holding my breath.

Does anyone use DI7 and can help me with this?

The problem by the way was a failed stick of memory, one of 2 from Crucial, who immediately told me to return them both for replacement. I had tried to reinstall XP but couldn't, I even tried to install it on an external drive I had just bought, but as you might know Windows won't allow it. I found the memory was the problem after speaking to Microsoft support, a call centre in India and I won't hear a bad word said about Microsoft call centres, I spent two and a half hours on the phone, the technician called me back a short while into the call, he then talked me through various possible solutions and he eventually found the problem through the Stop error number, which by the way was 0x0000000A, I then removed 3 of the 4 memory sticks and found the one I left in was causing the problem, the only bit of luck I had!,tried the 2 original sticks and everything installed ok.

Sorry about length of post but if anyone can help me restore the original drive it will save me a great deal of work and recover a lot of data I would like back.

  Chegs ®™ 12:16 25 Nov 2005

click here;action=display;num=1119673958

click here

Sorry to hear of your DI7 troubles,its the only imaging app I dont use.I stayed with DI2002 as it does for my needs,only slight inconvenience being running off floppy as it doesn't seem to like NTFS.

These are the only two results from google,both long and I haven't read them to their end so dunno if they sorted their issues or not,they both get the same "Error EC950001: The engine has not been initialized"

  Chegs ®™ 12:17 25 Nov 2005

1st links failed try click here instead.

  anchor 14:01 25 Nov 2005

That last one failed too.

"The board field does not accept / in the query string"

  Chegs ®™ 14:15 25 Nov 2005

http : / /;action=display;num=1119673958

Thats wierd? How are you supposed to link if PCA wont have the full title of the radified forum,and the radified forum wont accept a makeashorterlink URL?

  VoG II 14:25 25 Nov 2005

Test click here

  Chegs ®™ 14:28 25 Nov 2005

That one works fine VoG.I was thinking of tinyurl,but I didn't have it(then)in my favourites.

  pj123 16:33 25 Nov 2005

My way is not "Backup" but a clone to another hard drive which is then taken out of the computer and stored.

As I am still on Windows 98SE I use xcopy but if you are on XP you will find xxcopy or xxclone a better option. Both are free downloads, xxcopy from click here and xxclone from click here

As these are "clones" and not backups if anything goes wrong with the main boot hard drive all that is required is to install the clone as the master and reboot.

  Sapins 19:18 25 Nov 2005

Having spent the last 2 days reinstalling programmes etc; I have decided to forget about DI7 and use XP's backup.

Thanks for the replies, I'll tick this now.



  Sapins 18:20 29 Nov 2005

Just an update. Couldn't leave Drive Image to gather dust.

I have re-installed DI7 and used it to copy the saved image onto an external drive which I have made bootable. It seems to have done this ok, but, what will happen when I reboot the computer, will I be given a choice of hard drives to boot from? I'm sitting here not daring to reboot in case I get another crash, sad isn't it?

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