do webisite sub directories each need an index.htm

  turkeylurkey 10:45 08 Feb 2003

i am setting up a website. all the pages are made, i just need to link them and i wish to use subdirectories to make maintainence easier. i have tried, unsuccessfully, 3 times to do thisbut my hompage and subsequent pages aren't showing on the web - i get the page with the parent directory folder at the top with links listed below.

i have called my homepage index.htm. does every sub directory need an index.htm folder?

incidentally, i have set up another website without subdirectories and it works fine.

does anyone know of a decent tutorial? i have looked in vain.

thankyou in advance

  turkeylurkey 10:49 08 Feb 2003

here is a link to the site that doesn't work, so that you understand what i mean by "the page with the parent directory folder at the top "

click here

  Ironman556 10:52 08 Feb 2003

Call your main page you want to display when someone goes onto your site index.htm and leave the rest as they are. I think that should sort it.


  Forum Editor 11:47 08 Feb 2003

in a web. Internet Explorer, and other web browsers will look for a url called 'index' or 'default' when people visit your site, so make sure you give your homepage that address. Most web design packages will prompt you to do this by default.

If you want to place files in sub-directories that's fine - just ensure that any hyperlinks point to the correct file in the correct sub-directory. Keep all your html pages ouside these directories however, in the main web directory.

You can also have a sub-web inside your main web if you like, but ensure that it has its own index page. This can be accessed via its own url.

As an example, if you had a web called http:// www. (I've introduced the spaces to stop the address turning to a 'click here') you could have a subweb called lurkeyturkey, and the index page of that web would have the url:- http:// www.

  turkeylurkey 11:57 08 Feb 2003

i shall try that and report back

  turkeylurkey 14:08 08 Feb 2003

that seems to have ironed out all the major probs-just the niggly ones left.

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