do web hosters help you with technical issues?

  resolute 14:36 08 Sep 2012

I want to design my own website and get a company to host it? Could I get a host to help me with technical problems say for example if it went down or something was not working correctly? Or do I need to take care of technical problemss? and would it be hard for me to deal with say for example my site going down? and would I be able to solve such an issue?


  resolute 01:50 09 Sep 2012

thankyou so much for helping me - I am new here and new to website design - I will come back tomorrow and read your answer in more detail as its 2am in the morning

thanks again

  Forum Editor 23:27 20 Dec 2012

"Could I get a host to help me with technical problems say for example if it went down or something was not working correctly?"

If your site goes off-line it will almost certainly be a server fault, and the host will know about it - lots of other sites will be hosted on the same server. It's a very rare occurrence with good hosting companies, in fact it's so rare it's not worth worrying about.

'Something not working correctly' will almost certainly be down to you - an error in site design, or something that hasn't been uploaded to the server. You might find that your host will offer a database of commonly asked questions, but don't count on it. You'll get free help and advice here, so don't let it be a worry.

fourm member's advice is good - don't try to predict the problems - face them as they arise. Designing and publishing a first website puts you on a learning curve,but you can find the answer to more or less anything on the web - let Google and us be your friends.

  jonasmarsh621 02:45 27 Dec 2012

Hosts will definitely help you out as long as the problem is caused by their server and not by you. Its their responsibility since you are paying them.

  Vain 13:50 28 Dec 2012

If you find a good host, like LiquidWeb or BlueHost etc, they provide excellent support and will help you with a lot of things. I currently use LiquidWeb and they've been incredibly helpful in the 6 months I've used them.

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