Do we actually need Adaware and Spybot?

  pj123 12:45 06 Jan 2006

I have Adaware, Spybot and Spywareblaster running.

I always run regular checks but start with Adaware. Once run and delete everything it finds I then run Spybot. Spybot always never finds anything. So is there any need for both?

  octal 12:54 06 Jan 2006

I don't use anything now, but when I did it was my understanding that what Adaware doesn't find Spybot will because of the way they search for nasties. If I was running Windows I would be inclined to keep and run both of them occasionally.

  woodchip 13:18 06 Jan 2006

If I was surfing all the net these would not be enough. But as is I think for what they have picked up on three of my computers, I could manage without them. I do use Free Avast on both XP computer and a Router firewall. My Win98se uses a different AV one that never needs any updates, But this will not work on a XP computer.

  ACOLYTE 13:25 06 Jan 2006

Well,i have spybot,adaware,A2,edwido,spywareguard,IEspyadd,MSantispy,spywareblaster,and i scan at least once a week with 1 or more of them and dont usually find anything,and i get alerted by 1 or more of those apps before hand if somthing tries to install or run that may be iffy,but i wouldnt get rid of them as they all have there place and if i didnt have them i may have had more upsets than i have had.As they say you dont miss somthing till you havent got it anymore).

  dms05 13:34 06 Jan 2006

Don't forget Microsoft now has a very good Antispyware 'free' offering click here and that has active components that check whilst your are surfing. I've used it for the past 6 months and haven't had any spyware infections since (I check with Spybot occassionally). It's important to update whichever spyware you use weekly and then scan after you've updated. Just the same with as you should with an anti-virus program.

  Stuartli 14:24 06 Jan 2006

Yes, in conjunction with others mentioned above.

  Big cog 15:31 06 Jan 2006

I have used windows antispywae for the last six months or so and foud it usless,i now use Mcfee and spybot

  Stuartli 16:06 06 Jan 2006

Then your experience is completely the opposite to mine...:-)

  woodchip 16:09 06 Jan 2006

windows antispywae lost me a partition, but managed to get it back after some worries

  sidecar sid 17:19 06 Jan 2006

Hopefully we will never need them.

But it's nice to know they are there if we do.

  pj123 17:35 06 Jan 2006

OK everyone, from what I read above I will keep them both. Maybe I will try Spybot first and then Adaware and see if the results are any different.

Thanks. Ticked.

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