Do virgin supply hdmi cable?

  Simsy 07:46 11 Jul 2010


I'm due to have Virgin media installed tomorrow...
I've just thought/realised that I'll need a hd cable from the TV box to my TV...

Do they supply a HDMI cable, or will I have to supply one myself? If so I'll try and get one today as they are due to come in the morning!

Thanks in advance,



  VoG II 07:52 11 Jul 2010

Hi Simsy.

When I had Telewest (then became Blueyonder then bought out by Virgin) installed some years ago they provided and installed all cabling. Miles of it!

  Simsy 07:54 11 Jul 2010

That's promising!

I'll leave this open in case sanyone has more up to date info! I've just seen the prices of these cables!



  morddwyd 08:27 11 Jul 2010

If they're installing, and you've paid for installation, then that's what they must do!

If it's not working when they leave they haven't installed it properly.

  peugeot man 08:29 11 Jul 2010

Don't be sucked into buying expensive HDMI cables. They all work the same!

If you can manage with a short cable this will do the job, click here

You will have to pay a little more for a longer one.

I have been using the above for 6 months with no issues.

  Simsy 08:43 11 Jul 2010

I realise that they must leave it working, but it might be considered "working" if the box is connected to the TV by, for example, a scart cable.

My query is specifically whether or not they supply a HDMI cable.

Given that many people have TV sets that aren't HD it might make financial sense for them to only provide a scart, (or even RF and co-ax!)

Any recent instalees confirm what happened for them?



  PSF 10:16 11 Jul 2010

They do supply an HDMI cable and a scart cable with the V+ box.

  emmandelo1 11:12 11 Jul 2010

Had mine done recently and they supplied the HDMI cable. He even configured the remote to control my TV for me. Was most impressed.

  Simsy 11:20 11 Jul 2010

I'm not having the v+ box, but I think I can be assured that a cable is supplied, from what you've said.

Many Thanks,



  sharpamat 11:53 11 Jul 2010

When mine was installed both Scart and HMDI came with it

  Simsy 16:45 12 Jul 2010

was supplied...
If only everything worked OK!



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