Do USB leads often fail?

  grumpy-git 12:46 15 May 2007

To save wearing out USB sockets on the pc, I have always used a short extension lead to plug in external drives etc.

Last night, one of the external drives appeared to be causing problems - pc locked up, couldn't write files to drive etc.

Tried the drive in another pc without the extension lead & it worked fine, but back in the normal pc & more problems.

Just trying it without the extension lead & everything seems fine again.

So, the problem appears to be with the extension lead - easy to "fix" by replacing the lead, but do they deteriorate over time?


  recap 12:49 15 May 2007

Have you tried the extension lead in a different USB port?

  Totally-braindead 14:03 15 May 2007

Not had one fail but of course its possible, have you never had an electrical lead to an appliance fail? Same thing.

  grumpy-git 14:20 15 May 2007

Just tried the extension USB lead in another pc USB port and it failed. When the external drive was switched on, it went through the "autoplay" routine but "hung". Unable to "remove" the drive the usual way, so had to power off the drive. Message displayed was:-
Windows unable to save all the data for the file P:\$Mft

So, removed the extension lead & tried again connecting directly to the pc & everything is fine.

Answer - extension lead u/s


  grumpy-git 14:29 15 May 2007

Just remembered, one of the "tests" I tried earlier was to use my slide scanner connected to the USB extension lead - no problem with that, maybe the data is more 1-way than with a disk drive.


  €dstowe 16:36 15 May 2007


I've had USB (and Firewire) sockets fail on me but not cables - I'll watch out for that.

  Diemmess 17:01 15 May 2007

Short answer to have I ever? = Yes

It was a camera to USB lead. Might as well have not been plugged in, not very old but cheaply replaced and no bother since.

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