Do USA region DVD's play in UK PC DVD Drives ?

  Tinkey Winkey 22:06 28 Mar 2004

I want to order a Swimming DVD that is only available in the USA.

I belive this is a region 1 DVD and requires a multi region DVD player.

Can anyone tell me if the DVD will work on my PC's DVD Drive and if so will I need specific software ?

I'm currently using Inter Actual's Player 2.0 for my DVD's.

  Gongoozler 22:23 28 Mar 2004

See if this site answers your question click here

  Gongoozler 22:53 28 Mar 2004

As I'm interested in the answer to this one myself, I continued the search a little further. It appears that there are both software and firmware solutions. The software solution appears to be the safest, but costs money e.g. click here. The firmware solution risks permanently damaging your DVD player, but as far as I can determine it is free e.g. click here

  woodchip 23:14 28 Mar 2004

If you are using Power DVD. you can download DVD Genie software it may make you DVD multi region click here

  Gongoozler 08:21 29 Mar 2004

--- but note the sting in the tail "Please note: all DVD drives as of 1 Jan 2000 is RPC-2 which means you can only switch the DVD drive's region for 5 times."

  ©®@$? 08:28 29 Mar 2004

what happens if you switch regions 4 times then flash the firmware would this reset it to 0 again

i havnt got a region set in device manager for my dvd drive, can play region 2 but havnt tried region 1..but you can change your region there, but note what gongoozler has said about the max changes it will tell you how many changed you have left in the drive properties in device manager

  Gongoozler 08:39 29 Mar 2004

My LG GDR8161B with firmware version 0102 has an autoreset region free firmware patch available click here, but I'm not sure whether to try it. Perhaps I'll wait until I have a region 1 dvd to play.

  Kate B 13:53 29 Mar 2004

slightly off the beaten track but you can play any region DVDs in a PlayStation - you need a disc to make it work:
click here

but as far as I can tell it does the trick.

  Stuartli 14:27 29 Mar 2004

My Pioneer 116 DVD-ROM drive can have the region changed up to five times - the final time is the last and the choice permanent.

You should either buy a DVD player which is multi-region capable or in the case, for instance, of the Kiss models sold by Scan (click here) of Bolton and other outlets, download the multi-region patch.

The same principles may be applied to DVD-ROM drives - many are advertised as multi-region or multi-region capable with an update.

  woodchip 16:34 29 Mar 2004

What it means is you have to use software like that to overcome it. I have used it and had no probs if it's a software DVD then it will work as for power DVD

  Stuartli 18:01 29 Mar 2004

Today's Scan TodayOnly page (click here has a Daewoo multi-region Daewoo Multiregion 9000S5 DVD/MP3/VCD/SVCD Player 5.1 Channel
º Multi-region playback º Dolby Digital Decoder / DTS Out / 5.1 Channel º Slim design (W 430mm x H 58mm X D295mm) º DVD / VCDC / SVCD / CD /CD-R /CD-RW / MP3 disk compatible º 10-bit video decoding º 96KHz/ 24bit audio high-quality audio output º PAL/NTSC playback º 500 high-resolution lines º Screen aspect ration selectable (4:3 and 16:9) º Supports Multi-angled view º Supporting multilingual dialog up to 8 tracks and 32 subtitles º Full function remote control DVD player for £41 including VAT.

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