Do Tracking cookies slow your Pc?

  buel 11:37 01 Aug 2009

Hi, i've just run an AVG scan on my friend's laptop and even though it didn't find any 'threats', it did find lots of 'Tracking cookies' and my friend asked me if they slow a pc/laptop down to which i couldn't answer! Please can anyone explain do they or not? Also, i cant explain the difference between Malware, Spyware and Viruses?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 01 Aug 2009

No as long as they are not showing as threats they will help speed up your entry to certain sites

Malware click here
spyware click here
Virus click here

  mooly 12:14 01 Aug 2009

I have noticed that the "free" spyware/antivirus etc programs always find and show these as threats, whereas others don't even flag them as a problem. Perhaps I'm being cynical saying this, but it just makes the "program" look good... look it's found all these !If you run disc cleanup and delete temporary files there gone anyway. And as soon as you go online they are "back" anyway.

  birdface 12:29 01 Aug 2009

Paid for version of A Squared picks them up on every webpage that you open and asks you to allow or deny them.I always deny them and if i find a certain web page does not open that I know is safe.I just go back into A squared and allow it.
it would surprise you how many tracking cookies try and get into your computer when just browsing.You do not have to go into that particular site for them to download.
I just remove them all.

  GaT7 20:45 01 Aug 2009

No slow down, but if the laptop is running a bit slow, here are a few things you could try:

1. Free up as much disk space as you can via Disk Cleanup (incl older System Restore files via the More Options tab). Also, have a look at the size of the C:\Windows\Installer folder (you may need to change folder options to view this folder)

2. Run Windows defragmenter or MyDefrag click here

3. Increase the size of the page file

4. Increase system RAM if 1Gb or less

Let us know the laptop's make & model number when you reply. G

  buel 15:24 02 Aug 2009

Hi, thanks for this: The laptop is an Avent 7062. The Ram is 258mb but im putting in another 258mb later today! I have defragmented it using Defraggler but im unsure how to increase the page file?

  GaT7 18:06 02 Aug 2009

To increase page file size (if it's XP): Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Performance > Settings > Advanced tab > Virtual Memory > Change > Under Custom sized, change Initial & Maximum size to 1024 > Click on Set & OK.

You'll also want to check how much free disk space is remaining (reason for the clean-up I recommended earlier). One of the common reasons for a slow system is a hard disk that has a low percentage of space remaining. Right-click on the C: drive & select Properties. Let us know how large the drive is, & how much space is occupied/remaining?

Pity the laptop appears to take DDR1 RAM, which is quite expensive. If it was DDR2 RAM, one could get 2x1Gb for only £16 delivered (Play & 7Dayshop). It would fly with 2Gb RAM! G

  buel 18:19 02 Aug 2009

Yes, i've found the Ram quite expensive to buy, bloody hell!!
Ok, i've increased the page file size from 248 (i think) to 1024, please can you tell me:
1, do i have to do this for all 3 user accounts?
2, what exactly does this do?

The h.d says it is Total size is 33.2 (but is actually 40gb) and there is 6.53gb free, not much eh?

  GaT7 18:34 02 Aug 2009

1. No, just the one will do for now
2. When standard hardware RAM runs low or is depleted, the system temporarily 'dips' into this, treating it like virtual RAM (hence the name). This is no alternative to the real thing, but it helps a little.

It'll help tremendously if you could do a fresh OS install. You'll need the original OS/recovery CD, product key & system drivers to hand, as well as the means to backup data to removable/external media.

Do a thorough backup initially, then divide the 40Gb drive into 2 partitions prior to the reinstall: one 12Gb in size, the other the rest of the space. Install WinXP on the 1st 12Gb partition, then copy all the backed-up data to the other. G

  buel 18:40 02 Aug 2009

Thank you Crossbow7, that really is fantastic advice! Unfortunately the owner of the laptop is quite keen to keep the laptop exactly as it is, ie- only seeing a reinstall as a last resort (for now) so i'll try all that i can for now! I have put the Crucial scanner icon on the desktop so that they can see for themselves what Ram is available (2gb) to them and, unfortunately, the price! Im just about to add another 258mb.

  GaT7 18:57 02 Aug 2009

Oh well, their choice I guess. But they will not regret it!

Just found that suitable RAM is considerably cheaper at eBuyer - e.g. click here & click here, both at under £29 delivered for 1Gb (with the cheapest del option). A 1Gb increase will make a difference too.

Don't forget the disk clean-up at the very least - it's free as well! Try to free up as much space as possible, even backing-up some of the data to an external drive or CD/DVD media if possible. G

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