Do Partition Magic 6 & Drive Image 4 run on WinXP?

  Dan 11:28 05 Nov 2003

I've got both these programs (from using on previous past machines) and am considering using them on a current system running WinXPhome, but the programs I think predate XP and only list Win95/98, Win ME, Win 2000 Pro, Win 9x, & Win NT workstation 4.

As I got this as a bundle pack were I to buy the latest versions which Do state compatibility with XP I'm looking at about ?50 for each program, so obviously I'd rather use these, if they'd work properly.

Has anyone used these ok on XP or have inside knowledge?



  johnbhoy 13:08 05 Nov 2003

Dan - If memory serves me correct PM 6 is not supported by Windows XP, I think it was only supported on PM 7 and above, could be wrong in that though.

Not sure about Drive Image as I have never used. May be best to Email customer support for both products and get a answer staright from the horses mouth.



  Chegs ? 13:24 05 Nov 2003

DI should be usable IF you create the Rescue floppys and run these.I have DI5 and it refuses to run in XP,I upgraded DI5 to DI2002 and this produces errors during attempts to run in NTFS,yet it's floppys work ok.I also have PM but its that long since I used it,I cannot recall if it offers a floppy option.

  Chegs ? 13:28 05 Nov 2003

Just dug out my PM prog,it DOES offer to create floppys,so suggest you try these.

  Dan 13:32 05 Nov 2003

I've been checking around a bit and PM is not coming up as well favoured as it used to be, or at least not as far as XP goes, even in the most recent version (v8), though Drive Image may be worth persuing.

Cheers for the advice


  vinnyT 15:25 05 Nov 2003

Just today partitioned a relatives pc. Used Acronis Partition Expert 2003 (free from the cover disk of an other mag. look in whsmiths, it's the dec. issue) and it worked perfectly, you have to register online to get the install No. and it is better to do this before trying to install the softw. I use PM5, but am still on W98se.

  961 15:34 05 Nov 2003

Partition Magic 8 is available for ?21.27 plus vat from click here

I think you need Drive Image 7 for Windows xp. Drive Image 2002 does not support xp as far as I know

  MIke 17:38 05 Nov 2003

Sorry 961 have to correct you there DI 2002 does support Win XP

  961 17:50 05 Nov 2003

Cheers Mike. If that is so then you can get Drive Image 2000 for ?17.10 plus vat from the same site as above.

However, the Powerquest web site does say that you need Drive Image 7 for xp. I'll leave that to the experts to decide on

  961 17:51 05 Nov 2003

Not sure why my ? pound sign is ending up as ?
All set to UK here as far as I know

  Dan 18:02 05 Nov 2003

Glad it's not just me with the alternative pound sign.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I'm gonna hold off on partitioning till I eventually do a reformat and reinstall of XP at which point I'll aim to do it via the install options (or fdisk if that's beenr retained.)

However I think I'll look into getting an update version of Drive Image to copy a dupe onto an external hard drive.

thanks again


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